Information on Beelzebub!

It’s been roughly a month and a half since I joined BALG in search of information on Beelzebub. While I didn’t find much, to all of my fellow demonolators out there, I offer: everything I’ve learned about him since I begin working with him!

First, I piled up some associations.
Colors: Dark brown, iridescent of blues and purples, deep reds, orange, rust
Plants: Moss, blackberry, willow, wormwood, foxglove, poison ivy, oleander, maples, mushrooms and other fungus
Stones: Amber, tiger’s eye, citrine, ruby, onyx, black moonstone, fire opal
Animals: flies, maggots, worms, boars, vultures
General: Decay, Fire, ash, new moons
Offerings: chitin, dead insects, any sort of food, silverware, any mead or drink, blood, bones, feathers, boar hairs, soil
Season: autumn
Time: wee morning (think about 1am-4am)
Planet: mars
Element: Fire

What I’ll say, he’s much more casual than I thought he’d be. I expected him, like the other demons I work with, to command a certain amount of respect that makes the relationship between us more as a boss/employee dynamic, but I found he functions far easier as something akin to a friend or brother. Of course, there’s still a lot of respect—he’s a powerful demon, far from the level of myself, a powerless human, but I find him very kind and encouraging.
One thing I did not expect from him, is how often he seems to brew up storms. It took some digging, but I found out that at a point in time, Lord Beelzebub was widely regarded as a god of storms! For example, if I ever sit down to do a reading with him, or to evoke specifically him, snowfall or hail will start.

//TW: eating disorders//
I sort of expected this from him, but as someone who suffers from anorexia (I’m doing better in the past few years), he is constantly encouraging me to eat and sending me small reminders at mealtimes (be that a fly, one of my buzzing auditory hallucinations, or a bit of snow). He, unlike most of my deities, doesn’t get upset when I forget or simply don’t eat, he’s always very understanding of it, and just tells me to move on and do better next time.
//TW end//

Something purely amusing, I tend to make all of my deities a playlist that I can listen to while working with them for my own benefit. I found out that he likes Mother Mother and Mindless Self Indulgence.

That’s all I’ve got at the moment. Sorry if this is sort of rambly and all over the place. Hope this could help someone out.


Very good read! He remind me alot of Nergal actually.

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Hi some say thats he dont like that but Baal used as name