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So I Had an energy reading done by @Becca about entities that might be near me. She concluded that there were 3 working toghther with me (Others calling out according to others but these three seem to be waiting for me) Lucifer, Belial, and Lilith.
Lucifer and Belial werent too much of a shock sense I’ve called upon them before but seeing as they are waiting and watching over me that was a shock.
More of a shock was Lilith. I had never call upon her in my life nor have i felt a real need for it but once she was shown to me in that reading I wondered about her, Who is she and what does she do? So I tried google and got mixed results for who she is really and our form didn’t actually help me find out much info. Hell I don’t even know her correct Enn or Sigil or what she specializes in.
Maybe its becasue I’m having a Love Spell done for me and she wants to help out or idk. Can someone give me as much info as they can on lilith and if anyone has or does work with her could you ask her what she wants me to do? My next step? and why she wants to work with me?
Thank you very much!
-The Magi


@succupedia is the go to Lilith man as he is married to Her.

One thing to keep in mind is She offers more than just sex and lust magick. She can greatly aid in your Ascent as well.

She is similar to Lucifer or Azazel in that she doesn’t specialize in anything but is an all around powerhouse.


Enn- Renich viasa avage lillith lirach

Sigil, she has many, but this one is most commonly used.

What she does? Other then lust she can aid immensely with things like soul travel, dream magick, opening astral senses and chakras, giving a deeper understanding of witchcraft, breaking of personal taboos that might be holding you back and of course vampirism and cursing are some of the few things she’s known for and teaches.


Look at my posts about her. I just finished her arachnid pathworking yesterday. Not sure I’ve posted yet, I believe I have lol! Long last 2 days.


She has her sigil and different seals depending on which Lilith u work with.

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Wow what a cool type of scan! @Becca Can you and other people do ones like that? I’d really like one done for me if possible…

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Can you post the others? Please :heart:

Can you tag me in your post?