Info on Abaddon

What are his speciality’s and what can he help with.
Besides being a gatekeeper. What does he do

I can’t find much on him or Ammaymon

I believe Raven aka Pheonix has something on him.

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Here you go:


Could anyone describe their experiences with him and what his energy feels like? Who works with him at all, because he doesn’t seem to be a popular entity? (Based on the voting :smile: )

To me he is like a lover, very sensual and manly or dominant.

Huge props to @RiseorDie because through your scan I researched about Abaddon and realised he is Apollo. I work with Apollo since my childhood :sweat_smile: but still never thought about this possibility so thanks a lot!! :heart_eyes:


I don’t know if they are the same but that is interesting before I called on apollo to help me be better at archery and I didn’t get a bulls eye but I did group then all VERY well lol

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He told me that Apollo was just his younger form and when they demonized him he kinda liked these features they gave him so he just accepted them as some of his charakteristics :thinking:

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Abaddon is the destroyer, so He will destroy anything that needs to be destroyed; anything from your inner obstacle to an entire planet full of life. Work with Him to learn knowledge and also to destroy your enemies, starting with your inner enemies. It’s through destroying your inner enemies that your outer enemies can be destroyed. For e.g. if someone, say, slept with your wife, and you wanted to destroy that person; Abaddon may want you to look into yourself first - for e.g. what is inside of you that attracted that experience, or instead of blaming that guy, why did your wife willingly offered herself, because very likely, it comes down to you. Work with Abaddon to destroy what is holding you back, and the external circumstances, including your so-called enemies, will change accordingly for your benefit.

While Abaddon could care about the inner work of an individual; He can go and destroy a whole Kingdom without mercy. Abaddon looks at the common good, and does what He sees as necessary to “save” humanity. On the one hand, He cried when “God” tried to destroy humanity with the Great Flood; and yet, He’s destroyed nations and wiped out people because they were in the way of His agenda.


Holy crap. From now on when someone asks to describe Abbadon I’m just gonna say “full penatration, no lube”. It sounds like he does the most.


Strategist. Very powerful energy. Very strong. I respect him greatly.