Influence someone very religious... so may have strong protection?

Hi there! I’m checking Demons and ways to influence someone, make them change their mind. Is related to a relationship, but not exactly love; we have had a relationship but was came between us was logic, not feelings: The fact that we may have very different views regarding certain topics and we may not work. I was thinking Dantalion and to work with some others at the same time to reinforce other aspects of the relationship.

My doubt come… my target is very religious. Very. Muslim. You know that regular Muslims, unlike regular Christians, are very aware of magic, demons etc, and he actively prays for protection against people wanting to hurt him (I know he believes there’s people trying to, and is very possible taking into account the part of the world he comes from, black magic is a big thing there). My intent is NOT to hurt him, I want to influence him, make him more receptive to me, etc. I have full access to him, we have a good relationship, is not that he’s gonna be actively on guard about me.

Is there any way to bypass his protection? Do his prayers and beliefs protect him from demons like the ones I could send him?

Thank you very much for your opinions!

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I’d be trying something like this:

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Please complete your introduction as requested @virgospirit.

Done :blush: Any other questions I’ll be happy to answer

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I explicitly became religious in 2020 to get more protection. That said, Dr. David Wood has the best Anti-Muslim magic I seen.

Instead of trying to break through the system your target has integrated themselves into, it might be more efficient to work within that system itself. For example, you know he is muslim, which means he most likely reads the quran himself. Well, much like Judaism and Christianity, there are systems of magic that come from that faith. For example, you could explore the 99 names of Allah, which are extracted from the Quran. He would already be open to that kind of influence due to his faith, which could make it easier on your end instead of trying to introduce things he might not be open to. Keep in mind that this is theoretical on my end as I have never worked with the 99 names of power, but I have noticed that it works practically well through a Christian context when I have had to deal with very devout individuals I needed to nudge into the direction I needed them to be.


why not pray to the protection he uses? Ask the protective entities to support your goal and explain that you mean no harm and this is all for his good benefit.

Not sure who that person is… the Christian apologist?

Why did you consider that a religion would bring you protection? Is about just having faith that it will, or because you place more credibility on that specific religion? Asking just out of curiosity :slight_smile:

Mmmm this sounds very interesting, thank you. I still don’t know how to put it into practice tho, to be super honest. Any ideas?

I honestly have never understood God the same as people from Islam or Christianity understand it. Not as an individual, as they do. But they, Muslim, believe in angels, so it could be interesting to work with them. I’m checking “Angels of wrath”.

Yes the Christian apologists.

I just wanted to try religion on to see if it worked. I am actually faithless but still religious. Being religious gives me another axis to control reality. I am a discordian, and discordianism is a sect of existentialism.


i am the exact same his religion wont let my magick in

King Vine tears down walls and fortresses. These can be spiritual too. Also, I’ve found, believe it or not, that a way in, no matter how simple, is what’s needed. I dealt with a Catholic woman with some serious natural mojo. Believe me, everyone has a chink in their armor, somewhere. You just need to exploit the weakness. It almost doesn’t matter if the weakness has much to do with the effect you desire. Just get “some” sort of magick through a hole in their defenses somewhere and you can work from there. (all my personal experience of course)