INfertility spell for a certain amount of time

So I need to know how you prevent someone from getting pregnant, for the time he/she is in a relationship with this certain person. I don’t want it to be permanent or that it will affect their sexlife because I really like the people. Also I don’t want to harm them, especially long term, it is just for their best that they don’t have children together.

I was thinking about tying a ‘witches knot’ but as I said I don’t want to accidentally kill them, make them impotent or something like that. A knot is powerful but not specific enough and if I channel my emotions wrong it could end pretty bad.

Does anyone know another ritual/curse that I could try ?

Zepar would be a good choice and make sure you say the amount of time to the demon

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Have you worked with Zepar for his purpose and been able to reverse this as some have said that it makes the couple infertile with one another permanently, so this is why he is very rarely called upon for real love magick but only for one night stands and the like.

I would proceed with caution here because if this entity were called upon and the couple stayed together, then you could be wrecking the possibility of a family for them.

Gordon Winterfield does suggest that he is useful for brief infertility - I suspect he means a one night stand and not what the OP is asking for though. See below - please support the author by buying the book…

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