INFERNO: My humble notes about the occult

I will make some brief temporary notes on various subjects that may be public, and also to honor and thank the entities involved.

I also thank BLG for the space made available to the members of this forum.



The Lord of Rage, Hatred and Vengeance.
Who has the power to bring deformities and diseases.
Lord of the Pacts, great master ande teacher of spells and the occult.
The one who controls all treasures and riches of this universe.

        Venire Rofocale Rex Noctifer

 Lucerifuge, Lucifage, Lucifugus Rofocalus

(from: V.K. Jehannum)

  • first of all:

My Personal blessing to Lucifugus

(tip from @Mike_Bee )

As I am part of this universe, part of everything and nothing, with the power consecrated to me,

For all that is divine and sacred, in the name of the one who is the end and the beginning, the creation and the destruction, who created everything and everything is,

I bless you, Lord

By the power of all holy, heavenly and infernal names,

I bless you,

      Benedicat Lucifugus Rofocalus

   Sanctificatus est Lucifuge Rofocale

I worked the last 6 months exclusively with this Powerfull Demon.

The work was finished last night.
He helped me and taught me a lot.
I will detail later.


Awesome work brother keep it up! :muscle:

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About me

I’m 40+ years old and since 2009 I’ve dedicated myself to the arts, but I’ve been practicing it seriously for only about 5 years.

Although my family is linked to the occult and I have a cousin who is an advanced medium and an aunt who was also a medium who didn’t want to take care of herself and died crazy, I avoided any development of the extra senses from an early age.
They are well suppressed and controlled for now.

It’s scary to be in your living room watching TV and on top of it appears a huge head of a demon, with its strong colors and odors, dripping liquids and you are temporarily deaf.
It’s not fun to see human body parts anywhere, to see only the human feet in a hallway.
Going to parties at night and seeing people staring at you and wondering if they’re alive, lol.

Seeing a Demon’s “physical” manifestation through summoning is different from seeing an apparition that you don’t know what it is or where it came from.

I only work directly with entities that I have done at least one full evocation and it has fully manifested in the ritual.
I don’t always do evocations, they are very exhausting and consumes large amounts of energy hard to replace.

I work 60% with the help of entities and 40% using only my own energy.
My success rate is only 4/10, so I work harder to get good results.
Now I consider a good result when you get exactly what you want, partial or incomplete results I classify as bad.

I have a hard time working with angels and djinns.
Among all of them, I only got some results with Raziel and a Djinn from “The Book of Smokeless Fire”.
That’s why I have a project about Djinns and it’s still in the research phase that I’ll post in another topic and I hope to have the help of more experienced and advanced members.


Time and Dedication

How far will you go to get what you want?

With Lucifuge it took 6 months of hard daily work, dozens of bottles of wine, hundreds of candles, incense and lots of blood.

Nothing was in vain.

I am very grateful for the Excellent results that still keep getting better and better.

My practice is simple and ceremonial, few items in evocations but sometimes full of components and materials in more complex rituals like the ones I used in cursing and love works.

Every step, every item, everything is carefully prepared and always consecrated before I use it.
I can say that the preparation is much more time consuming than the ritual itself.

candles, for example,

I rarely use commercial candles.
I usually make my own candles using or mixing paraffin, waxes, oils, essences and fats.
Sometimes the materials don’t mix well, but the results are much better.

Then before lighting the candle, according to the ritual I rub blood, powder, charcoal, graveyard dirt, vinegar, honey or whatever my intuition says at the moment…
The act of lighting a candle is an act of magic and must be respected and treated as such.

Commercial candles melt running sideways and you don’t use them completely and they also have a thin wick that generates a small, weak flame.

Through the power of fire, magic is built, consecrated and performed.
I use a thick cotton wick and depending on the use I can get flames longer than 4 inches.

I know I’m the minority but In my opinion,
Time and dedication to small details bring great spells and big results. The Demon knows what you’ve done.


blood everywhere


Some events from the last few days

Last night I saw a very bright blue and yellow shooting star with a long white tail falling towards the house where an evil person lives and on whom I cast a heavy curse the night before.

I wish it were a missile. lol

Two nights ago, just after the last candle was consumed, the main sigil dedicated to Lucifuge and fixed to the wall fell to the floor without tipping over.

This sigil was drawn on the back of a frameless black mirror and did not break.

I think it was another sign that Demon was in agreement that we ended the work.

In a ritual, after a regular candle was consumed, I lit another in the same spot.

The next morning I went to clean the altar and over some melted wax I noticed that the candle wicks formed the design of Lucifugus’ sigil.

A couple of black birds appeared in the tree in front of the house. They always came at the same time, for 3 days in a row.

On the first day they made a lot of noise and one of the birds was staring at me.

On the second day the birds came back and after they left, I noticed that some chive seedlings had been pulled out of the Garden.

On the third day the birds also returned but this time they were quiet and left in silence.

As I left the house to buy small supplies at the little store nearby, I found a 20 bill in front of the garage door.
I thought: the birds are paying me for the seedlings they took. lol

The bill was folded and wet from the rain that had fallen earlier, so I took it in my hand and headed toward the groceries.

When I went to check out and pay, I realized I hadn’t brought my wallet, I was embarrassed.
I apologized to the attendant.

The attendant looked at me and said: What about that bill in your hand?


Random Things.

It happened last night while I was writing a piece about Lucifuge in Works of Love and Seduction.
I’m posting it now so I can remember later.

06/23 01:21 am

I’m writing the text on my cell, and now a annoying spirit has appeared on my side, wanting attention.

A young woman sitting at my desk in black shorts and a green T-shirt holding and shaking a long and furry object and swinging her legs.

She has dark hair and wears a ponytail. Chairleader or gym clothes, I can’t say.

Very weak energy, I turn my eyes, she disappears, I start to write this text again, she comes back.

Now she stretched her legs and turned on her side.
She is playing with my pack of cigarettes

I will try to ignore.

She took off her shorts and is pointing his legs at me.

teasing me sensually.

She straightened up on the table and took off the green shirt,
put back the black nylon shorts.

She is hiding her breasts with her hand.

I’ll light a cigarette, need to smoke
she’s still beside me.

I don’t know what kind of spirit it is, it’s just images

I coughed and spat, she freaked out and went fadin.

She came back and is now together with another entity.
They’re having sex on my table. Two female representations.

I offered the wine I was drinking

I offered the cigarette too.


A glow of hollow lines around them. They want to turn me on but they can’t.

My eyes burn
Her hair is down now it’s over the other entity.

I am tired.
I need to pee, I’ll ignore them.

It looks like a porn movie you see out of the corner of your eyes.

My head hurts, I’m going to close my eyes and try to sleep.

02:16am They are still here.

I’ll close my eyes, this morning I’m influenced by angry demons.

Tomorrow I post this text in my notes on the forum.

They are wiping their faces and chests with paper towels.

I’m going to sleep right here.

Looks like they’ll sleep here too.


Now, Today

The matter above is directly related to something that happened this morning and is still happening,
Few hours ago I received messages from a young girl with fair skin and long black hair very similar to the one I saw yesterday.

I’m talking to her now on whatsapp

Thank you Great Lucifugus, thank you very much.

Yessss! I have a date for Sunday with a perfect girl 10.

I will post in detail after a conclusion of what happened.

It’s amazing when things start to happen and when you think that’s all and you’re satisfied, it happens more and more and better.

If I say it’s the girl I saw in yesterday’s apparition, maybe you won’t believe it, but guess what her fetish is? Guess how she was dressed in one of the pictures she sent me just now?

At this moment as I write I am still talking to her.

A.E was correct in what he said about Lucifugus. Lots of abundance, There are no limits, it’s more and more.

I’ll end it here and I’m very happy now.

to be continued.


I’ve had some similar experiences, but they never lead to anything in the physical plane. Just random spirits I think.

Subtle enough to think it’s your imagination, but perstitent and odd enough to know something else is going on.


Side note:

I postponed my project on Djinns, the work with Lucifugus Rofocalus is finished and the seeds are planted, but I need to give myself time to receive the fruits and benefits that appear every day. I’m very grateful.

Every thought connected with this Demon comes from the end to the beginning.
In reverse, on the contrary, backwards. I still haven’t gotten used to it.

I’ve been trying to write about him for days, but whenever I start, I go into a half-trance state and it makes it difficult for me to concentrate.

One other thing

I’m not an professional and I’m not here to brag or complain and I’m not looking for any form of validation either.
My only intention is to share my experiences, whether they are useful or not.
What I write is not for me, but in honor of the Demon.

My life is now a roller coaster, with every turn a new emotion. I’m very grateful.

Hail Lucifugus Rofocalus


Just an update on the apparition and the girl.
And please don’t judge me.

Lust, desire and sex was my third request.

Yes, confirmed what I saw in the last apparition.
The long, furry object that I saw and the girl later told me had a fetish was a plug with a tail. :smiling_imp:

I forgot to mention that I don’t have any cold, formal pacts with Lucifugus, it’s something way above that, like a master-student relationship.

The Demon and I talked about a lot of details.
As an annoying customer, I asked the Demon for very specific things, including details of the physical appearance, social behavior, and even sexual appetite of the girl I wanted.

I thank Lucifugus for this request also granted.

Until I got to these results, I had disappointments and frustrations as well.
About 4 chances to date fantastic, young and beautiful girls failed. (one of them was a fitness magazine model and had more curves than a mountain road)

When you get 95% of the result and you are too close to scoring a goal, for some reason, it doesn’t happen, it goes wrong, you feel a great frustration and start to doubt everything.

Mistakes happen, but 4 times in a row… So one night I went to talk to the Demon, one question, one answer:

- Lord, we need to talk.

- I know. Remember exactly what you asked for.

So I forgot my frustration and remembered about what the Demon said.

No more, no less, everything is happening the way I asked.

There is a point that I left open and over which I have no control or guarantee of the result.
I also asked Demon to guide my paths and my decisions so in the end, the final result would be the best possible for me.

It seems things in general are going to change again.

They are already very good, but I hope they change to be even better.

We’ll see what happens in the next few days.

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Simple Spell:

Objective: Send damned souls to torment an enemy.

This is a classic, and perhaps many do not know. Simple and efficient, it doesn’t require much knowledge, just self-confidence and hatred of your target.

I recommend to anyone who is going to try, have properly prepared spiritual protections and barriers or shields.

The spell of Incomplete Prayer

Items needed:

  • 1 white candle
  • 1 glass cup
  • 1 small piece of bread
  • Water
  • Photo of your target

Go to a cemetery, graveyard at night and choose a deserted area.

Choose a prayer according to local beliefs or religions.
For example: the Christian prayer “Our Father”

Light the candle on the ground, next to it, put water in the glass halfway and the piece of bread.
In front of the candle place the photo of your target.

Begin to attract the spirits by reciting with authority and firmness:

Those who are here and who suffer in the dark, Those who feel thirsty and hungry, Lost and desperate souls, without relief and suffering, forgotten and wronged souls, I dedicate this ritual to you.

Start praying the “Our Father” or another prayer of your choice and stop halfway through.
For example:

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread… ( Stop here )

Blow out the candle and say:

Damned and lost souls, thank you for coming.
I will finish my prayer that will bring you some peace, I will fill this glass with water to quench your thirst, I will bring you a bigger piece of bread to quench your hunger and I will light this candle again to guide your paths if you grant this request of mine:

I ask you to torment and take all the pain you feel to (name of your target)
Let him not live during the day and let him not sleep at night.
Dear Souls who came here, be with (target’s name) and make him feel fear and despair, sadness and anguish, until the day I return here.
Now leave without doing me any harm and I will fulfill what I promised.

Bury the target’s photo, take some dirt from the place and end the ritual.
Throw this dirt in front of your target’s house or work place.

Relax and let it happen.

*After each visit to a cemetery, I recommend to always sprinkle salt on your shoulders before entering your home.

*Do not forget to fulfill the promise to these souls.


This sounds like a variant on the traditional intranquility spell

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Yes, it’s very similar.
I didn’t know about this intranquility spell but what I described is an old classic here

Many spells must have variations around the world.

Thanks for letting me know my friend :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think your version is actually simpler and cooler. I may give this a try. :sunglasses::sunglasses:

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