Infernal greetings from South Africa

Infernal greetings from South Africa.
I am Adam Nox a practicing occultist of over 20 years who has been exclusively dedicated to the left hand path for the last 9 years with my primary focus being in sex magick and spirit channellings as my original training from childhood was as a spiritualist medium which influenced much of my direct experience with Spirit. Since then i have taught on a number of occult subjects in my own country publicly until going private in the last few years as my commercial success grew. I am currently completing my PHD in sexology and work mostly in bleeding edge technology.

I hope to further connect with fellow south Africans interested in sharing ideas and practicing together as well as to help in anyway expand our community in this country.

I am otherwise here to learn and share but mostly because i support the essential work being done by these most noble and pioneering of gods and goddesses of this movement despite the opposition.


Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome @AdamNox

Good to see a fellow South African on the forum!!

Dark regards

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Ayy man I’m also from south Africa, guess that makes 2 of us haha😸

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Make that 3

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Oh really you to, I wish I could pm you and talk about some stuff but I can’t because my account is stil on basic user sadly

Yah well I can pm you…
Givea sec

lets connect friends. would be great to hear experiences and share thoughts I am gauteng based and yourselves?

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Yeah from the east Rand Gauteng as well…

I’m from Durban

I’m planning on moving to Cairo, not quite South Africa but nice to meet you!

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Hi AdamNox & KingofEvil, can I get your email addresses? I’m also South African, currently in Johannesburg and I’d like to discuss something with you pertaining to South Africa.


feel free to stay connected. would be great having a friend in Cairo when i travel up