Infernal entity

April this year someone told me that a female infernal entity was present around me, and been working on my clairs to communicate with her. I don’t even know her name.

Yesterday I opened Vassago’s sigil in a ritual in my bedroom, and asked for his help sharpening my astral senses.

This morning as I was waking, I was talking wildly, something to the effects of “if you weren’t here that I wouldn’t have to worry” but snapped out of it, and felt really bad. I even apologized.

I now worry she has left because I haven’t felt her normal energy drain on me.

Can anyone tell is she’s still around me?

Thank you BALG family

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I guess she’s gone, once again my curse defeats me. How do I apologize to an entity that I didn’t even know was there, didn’t even know her name?

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Evoke Satan or Another entity. They can track the residue sometimes.

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I don’t want to force her back. also can you tell if there is an entity around me?

I’m sorry but my scrying senses are haywire due to a few rites to the void

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Thanks anyways. Darkest blessing brother

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