Inexplicable Ramblings

Inexplicable Ramblings

I got involved in Aeonic Magick unknowingly, one grim afternoon in 1997, at or about 3:30 on a cold wind, snail-grey; distant thunder and rainy; butt-end of a long, hard week Friday I took the telephone call which destroyed me, my life and the lives and dreams of many other people – some a lot better than I was or now can ever be. Too many coffees and cigarettes. Too many regrets to count the tears.

The Commonwealth of Australia is a federation and if you’re smart, Australian governments provide lots of disparate bits and pieces which when collated prove very damaging for all Australian governments. Soon, if not already, the Chinese Communist Party will be influencing Australia’s foreign affairs – and there’s nothing that the mesmerised governments of the Commonwealth of Australia can or will do to stop the inevitable. Then there are the implications for New Zealand, Canada, the UK of GB&NI and American managed retirement fund investors.

Sheeple can put up with anything, provided they feel safe. Shepherds always betray their flock to the slaughterhouse – eventually. And sheeple never wake up - ever. I’m lhp, hence totally self-centred. I honestly don’t give a fuck for the plebs. I am already a living God Man compared to those cheap, nasty, over produced, pharmaceutically medicated, ambulatory turds! Look around. Heaps of them! Heaps of them everywhere! All with grubby, low-life street-smarts and ill concealed monkey-cunning.

From these masses come huge amounts of generational ignorance and mind-numbing inertia. My Magick remains based (in part) upon both. And I’m also ready to collect and (mis)direct the types of near physical energy the masses will soon release. That’s one of the firm foundations of my lhp – the adaptability to use whatever is available.

It’s too bad that before my enemies destroyed me and others they didn’t do some hard-nosed, streetwise research. If they’d done so they have been told that I’m like a lion – dangerous even in defeat! And having been defeated I had nothing left to lose. By the time Australians wake up there’ll be nothing much left to wake up to. That was my plan. Australians are all too happy walking backwards into their fast fading future waving ‘Goodbye’ to good times going.

My people tell me that Fiji will be owned by China in 2025 and Australia by 2040 as a farm and quarry. So we’re about half way through a process that began by a telephone call to a dark office in western Sydney one dismal, sheet-lightening Friday afternoon – the asphalt outside awash with oil stain rainbows and the promise of another confined weekend seen through the bottom of too many shot-glasses.