Inducing Physical Changes in Others

On a slightly different topic, do any of you believe or have experience with inducing physical shapeshifting in others? If so, to what extent? I’m interested in everything from eye colour changes to becoming a werewolf.


I watched E.A koetting’s video where he mentioned a demon, I think King Belial can do that. He talked about being able to change eye color etc in one of his videos thanks to if I’m not wrong King Belial. Never tried that, but u may want to check it out.

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To become a werewolf check out William R Wraite’s books "the shifters Bible " and “M. T. H. O. S”

@Lunasthus Have you done this yourself, or know people that have?

Well there is a small amount of people I know who are doing this right now some are close to being successful

Mind elaborating?

Well it all depends on your prospective I told you the way it’s safe it all depends on you if you wanna become a werewolf or not choose wisely