Indian Shaman ritual for inner healing

I spoke with an Indian Shaman at SpiritCon the other day and she told me about a ritual she uses to help people get over trauma instead of making an entire identity around it like is so common with people these days. She mentioned she had gone through some shit but didn’t let it twist her into a man hating pain in the ass with a Tumblr account.

Really cool girl.

It’s simple enough so I’ll pass it on to you guys

What’s needed:

  • An actual trauma (no claiming PTSD because your stepdad grounded you for not cleaning your room…) (And if this is you, stop being a bitch)
  • A seed of any kind that’s likely to grow (tree, plant, anything will do.)
  • Tobacco (Loose leaf is the best though you can even use a cigar or Ciggarette and blow the smoke. Her favorite was pipe tobacco you can grab in a big bag for cheap)
  • Something to dig a hole with

You go out to a secluded place you’ll never return to and dig a small hole. You lay the tobacco leaves down (or blow smoke if that’s your jam) as an offering to the earth for taking your pain and trauma. Then you put the seed in and cover it up.

Then you yell at it. Bitch it out, vent, scream out everything you hate about what happened and hold nothing back.

Then you leave and don’t think about it again. I feel like putting a fun little cheesy Wicca part here about “when the tree sprouts your pain has become something beautiful” but you get the idea.

If you have some real trauma that’s burning you like dry ice try this out!


Love-life trauma? Would that work as well?

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Interesting! Sadly, I could never yell at the seed they’re like babies…
#seedabuse #freetheplants #equalrights


I could see the process working for anything that you wantbto leave in the past forever. As with all magick, you never know until you try it out

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