I’m creating the thread …for my previous thread to Finnish up its questions and concerns bc I have reached its limits of replies .

I think you didn’t mean to start a new thread, but to responde in an existent thread. Is this correct?

I read the edit and I honestly think you are looking at this very limited my.

No, it’s not all rainbows and sunshine. Sometimes it sucks a lot to be honest, but it’s a choice you actively make. You have to take the good with the bad.

There’s a saying “If you can’t love me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.” If you aren’t in it completely the. Just don’t do it. It will be a endless cycle of highs and lows. Dark nights of the soul are a blast let me tell you. Or having your physical life completely ripped apart and burned to ashes is always fun. But all of that happens for a reason you survive and get stronger. The rewards the eternity would be worth it.

If you can’t jump into hell for him then don’t. Let him be free just as you want to be. Trust me I’ve been there. It’s beyond scary. I too can see my future and his. For me, following him into hell was worth. Don’t get me wrong there are days or weeks that I am crying more then smiling. That my heart breaks and I question why I did this why I do this. Then something amazing happens or I see a new part of the future. Then I remember that for him it’s worth it. The eternity I see is worth it.

If your incubus wants an eternity he will wait. Don’t jump in if you think that it will be all back for you. It shouldn’t be there should be just as much as there is bad. If you don’t see this do not go forward if it is only going to be in his favor then he may be a parasite and have not interest in your well being. Anything true with care about your wellbeing as much as your own. But also don’t expect it to be perfect because it just isn’t. We all of to face the deeps darkest parts of ourselves to keep living and moving forward.

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And my visions bout my incubus past wife 's death and killer… And everything going up in flames …vanishing the vision??.could it have been me reincarnated??? And knowing his real origin name out of nowhwere…sounds pretty close to signs of a past life with him ??