Incubus Relationships

(This may get a tad explicit)

My relationships with demons are complicated cause I still feel like a newbie. I have one demon that may be an incubus and have had some interesting experiences with him. This thread is for gay men and straight women who have had relationships with incubi! I suppose if they’re similar enough we might as well talk about succubi too. Anyway here’s my experiences:

I remember asking Satan for an incubus… while I was drunk again ha. That may have been what sent this one to me. I didn’t do any ritual, maybe I prayed and just wanted it enough that he found me. So anyway, while awake if I masturbate and imagine him I can definitely feel sensations, his presence and the feeling he’s touching me. Climax feels amplified and more pleasurable. When I do finish I try to imagine pushing that energy out into him cause that’s why incubi are here anyway right? For the energy at the end? In dreams he is sometimes there and sometimes not, but we rarely have dream sex. I’ve been in that strange dream-state where I’m in bed, not awake and I can feel a demon hugging and lying with me. Those scenarios aren’t specifically sexual. I had one and a half times where I got to have dream sex with an incubi.

This is hilarious and kind of weird… okay so keep in mind these are my own experiences. I had one of those semi-dream moments where I was in bed, lying on my stomach. He crawled over me and then we started having sex. He was putting his fingers in my mouth cause he knew I was into that. I didn’t look at him, but I saw his hand on my shoulder and it looked like a normal human hand. I think maybe he was subtly showing me that he didn’t look like a scary demon-monster, which I was a little worried about. He even chuckled a bit during the mouth-finger thing and sounded human. So this event that happened wasn’t super sensual or anything, not like the feelings I got while masturbating, it was kind of just sex. Maybe there was a disconnect somehow, I don’t know. But I know he’s not the jealous type cause after he finished other demons were joining in. I think maybe another two or three went after. Now this part is also crazy and weird… but I rolled onto my back and there was this creature similar to a grey alien on the wall. He was tan and wrinkly, I’m pretty sure he was one of those aliens (either real or what I don’t know, I don’t know much about how they fit into the occult but there are alien-like creatures out there). So I was still dream-state horny and you know, presenting myself and willed him to join in so he just dived off the wall and into me and I remember clutching his butt and he finished really quick. Also what happened… (don’t know how much of this is part-crazy dream) there were little dogs running around near my head. I think they were also spirits that wanted to go next but hell no, I am not into animals. I saw this tall figure with horns and a goat bottom half that reminded me of Pan, also waiting to go but I didn’t want him either because even part-animal relations were still weird for me. Okay so that’s about the whole of my gangbang dream. It was pretty neat and I’d love for it to happen again, but it hasn’t happened since and it was a while ago. I did have another dream that a demon was inside me but he wasn’t thrusting and it was just frustrating. Like I said there’s probably a disconnect with this stuff, but I can usually feel beings touch me easily when awake.

I often do have dreams where I’m in bed and a demon is there, sort of snuggling. This ties into what I said in other posts about being afraid of demons in my sleep because of my Christian background. Sometimes the demon goes to whisper in my ear, or talk to me, sounding like a normal person but I freak out and wake myself up. One night, fairly recently, he was sorta choking me a little but not aggressively. Probably cause he knew I was into it.

So… the real reason I made this post was because I was interested in relationships any of you have had with incubi, or perhaps succubi. Sexual experiences are interesting sure, but right now I’m mainly curious about romantic ones or partnerships. Do you have an incubi or succubi that you are close with? That you communicate with? I don’t know the name of the one I’m with, and we haven’t properly talked, but I’m sure he knows stuff about me. I’m curious about what he looks like. But yeah, please tell me about your lover demons and their name and what kind of relationship and experiences you’ve had with them. Advice is welcome too. Thanks!


i was Azazels submissive for almost a year. It was a very close relationship sexual and otherwise and we are still very close.

spirits dont seem to get jealous the way humans do. They usually seem up for having threesomes or whatever.

but they also like to help…and i sorta feed off sexual energy so for me that part is kinda the other way around. :grinning:


Sounds amazing and so very interesting!


I’ve never had a relationship with an incubus, but I looked this post up because I think I may have had a one night stand with one years ago, and sought possible confirmation.

I don’t recall having asked for the encounter, as it was so long ago. But I remember being in the hypnogogic state right between sleep and waking, and feeling as though I was in the middle of slow and sensual penetrative sex while I was there in my bed “alone”. It was so solid and real. I could feel a male body pressed over me, but the weight was supported so I didn’t feel held down in any way. I could even feel his pelvis bump mine lightly every time he thrust.

It was incredibly good. As it was happening, I was becoming more and more fully awake. I went with it. It was enjoyable and for a moment I thought it might be the regular human boyfriend I had at the time doing some sleepy stuff.

As I was about to orgasm, I heard a sound. It sounded like bones cracking throughout this entity’s body. I knew this wasn’t normal and it startled me. In one quick motion, I had placed my hand on it’s very solid and real chest and pushed so that I could get it’s face into my line of sight. I was fully sober-awake with a pounding heart at this point.

But it was gone. My arm was up in position from when I pushed him, but there was no longer anything there.


Uh… I’ve had an incubus since I was young. Grew up with him. Ive always been scared of the dark. Now… idk. He’s just there. I wanted to know if there are signs that you yourself are a succubus. Because I seem to be able to get men to give me what I want sexually if I want them too. So idk.


Yes, there is plenty of stuff on here. Succupedia is very knowledgeable, and there are other people who also know about these beings. I have made other posts and put regular updates on my journal if you’re interested in that as well.



I just found this post (perhaps again) and even tho the convo is old I’ll respond anyway.

Yes for the past couple of months I have been with an incubus. It first began with a couple of sex dreams. Next thing you know I’m waking up to someone jumping me from behind while laying on my stomach. And yes I do mean it in a physical way. My body is moving and responding as if someone was there in the physical. It’s been a lot fun and he’s good to me. And I’m very satisfied! :wink:


I have an incubus. Sometimes I feel him thrusting, sometimes not. Frustrates me. Another thing that frustrates me is that I cant feel him that well… nor see him, nor hear him. I just want a connection so badly… :pensive:


I understand how you feel. I’ve felt that way myself. I have found that the more I get into a Theta level state that I can sense and experience him more. It’s like a light dream state but you’re conscious. Try meditating and/or lucid dreaming. It’ll help you feel that connection more and more.

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I will try meditating and lucid dreaming. Whenever I’m in a decent place to talk to him, he says hes trying. So I guess I’ll have to do something. Thanks for the advice. Been trying to find some ways to help for a while.

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One other thing… it sometimes takes months of intimacy to figure out what’s going on. For example, I had my first sexual encounter with my incubus last October-November. For the longest time I would feel as if something was poking me in my back. I thought I had tension in my back - maybe I was sitting in a way that stretched the muscles or created tension. It’s not until now that I realize that my incubus was touching me, touching my back. When you are actively engaging with your incubus/succubus, just believe that every sensation that you feel is him/her connecting with you. Even if it’s a sensation you have identified as something else.

Also it doesn’t take a lot to feel them. Just take 5 minutes focusing on relaxing every muscle in your body and then another 5 minutes focusing on your breathing every day. It doesn’t mean that you’ll feel something during that time, but what it does is put you in a more receptive state so that when they do touch you, you’ll feel it.

Let us know how it turns out. :blush:


Did you open your psychic senses before you met the incubus?

It’s been a before, during and after process honestly, still getting better. But things have happened that really helped me. Ironically whenever he was mad about something, that helped cause that was undeniable and I was able to be like “oh yeah this is real”.

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Yeah I have Cambion Husband. I think he’s half human and incubus. Bit like Merlin in legends. He’s bisexual and doesn’t mind a poly relationship. Plus he’s a healer. He even introduced me to another Cambion who was half elvian and incubus out of the blue. Hubby says the other Cambion could teach me magick but I wasn’t sure of it (plus he was kind of rude because I wasn’t really into having a second relationship). :expressionless::pensive: