Incubus Demons Loosed

Is it possible to send Incubus Demons to a woman to have sex with her in your image when you can’t be there to satisfy her yourself ???

Very good question, it depends on how powerful the Incubus or succubus is, also are they bound to you or not. Also how do you know they have been successful in carrying out your command

If she’s smiling :smiling_face:


Thats right … What she said !!!


Find a woman that like’s you . I had one sex dream with this person I did not like . Besides waking up in the middle of the night . I stoped talking to that person .

You should do a attraction magick then you can have your pick !!!

Why the hell have sex with someone you don’t like? I have two hands and a fabulous imagination and can recite his name like a beautiful shining enn.

No why the hell compromise?

Why waste an ounce of precious energy on someone you don’t like? You could be using that gorgeous energy on someone you do like and giving them the thrill of their little lives, making them clutch their bed sheets, curl their toes and feel like they are going to erupt like Vesuvius.


If she has a pretty face and a great body she’s on my radar to hook up with. I was into this blond for awhile she was beautiful, but she had the personality of a rotting corpse. So I enjoyed her body for as long as I could stand her, then I moved on. Being shallow can have its advantages.