Incubi - Letter of Intent

HI folks,
I like women. I’m straight and I’m not gay.
I was wondering if in my Letter of Intent I can ask for an incubus (male), ask him to ‘force’ beautiful girls in my neighborhood to have sex with me and allow him to possess myself during my intercourse.
He can drain their energy (I don’t care about it) while I’m enjoying myself…

What do you think?


I think @succupedia would be the man to ask, but, in my opinion, that ain’t gonna work.

For one thing, inccubi and succubi don’t drain energy. That is religious nonsense from people who demonize sex.


The majority are very loving and devoted to their partner, and forcing someone to lay with you doesn’t seem like it would fit that. If you’re looking for something along those lines I would maybe suggest working with Sitri and crafting a talisman for him to carry with you. Where he goes horny basically follows, but there isn’t any forcing going on. You still need enough game to finish. There are plenty of free videos put out by pick up artists. A little study is all that’s required.


I’m sure you’re aware that the best sexual experience is consensual, and the more you familiarize with these kind of spirits and entities, the more you will realize that ethics and morals are something they rarely challenge. But just like humans, some of them doesn’t care what others think and feel. Do you really want to work with an incubus that doesn’t care about anyone but himself? If he cares about you, then he possibly cares about others, too. And if he cares about others, he, inevitably, have ethics and moral codes that he wont brake.

But, yes, you can ask for an incubus and he can inflict lust on women for you. It doesn’t work on every woman. But if he finds a target that is subconsciously attractive to you, she will be easier to affect with the lust current. When that happens, you must take initiative to talk and flirt with the woman affected by the incubus. They basically open an opportunity for us, doing the initial step that pick up artists do before taking the ladies home from the pub. You just have to take it from step 2 and follow through the desired effect of lust and subconscious attraction being released to the surface.