Incredible Results for a N00b

First working with the forces within Belial’s Grimoire.

I’ve been working with enns, visual pathworking, invocation and black alchemy for a short time now.

Last night I did my first Communing with Darkness ritual.

I worked with the first aspects of Black Alchemy, and stated my intent to work with Belial and the Gatekeepers.

I tend to assume I’m floundering because my astral senses are barley formed…

Last night my partner entered our bedroom where I had done the working and immediately was struck with Astral Vision, which would not cease.

She saw the room full of serpents, like a canopy of snakes, almost smothering her. Not opressive though, she said it was like pure energy coursing through the room.

Slightly disturbed by her dream last night though.

She dreamt of our cats. One of them was murdered and the other she was being forced to suffocate. She attempted to kill our kitty, was unable and broke down in tears. The first cat that was seemingly murdered then returned home. Again, all a dream. But what the fuck? Any ideas or thoughts folks?


You have some accumulation of energy in that room. When that happens, the energy influences dreams. It may cause other nocturnal weirdness too. it happens to me from time to time and I find it impossible to sleep until I banish. I would suggest you do the same.


Thank you Faustus! Excellent point!!!

I drew in as much of the energy left over into my body as I could hold, and banished.

Did you banish it just now or after you finished your work?


Just banished it :grin:

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Thats what I thought. While the energy itself can cause weirdness, it can also attract unwanted visitors. Those visitors can influence your dreams as well. If you are lucky, that’s all they will do. Since you are doing this in the same room where you sleep, you might bear this in mind.

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I will take my work to an ordained temple space in the garage. Once again excellent point, thank you for the insight.

Does the increase in energy pull in beings from the Astral? Is there a way to cloak oneself or their temple while doing this work? Being without much astral sight, I feel a bit blind in that realm.

I don’t speculate on where they come from. Whatever resonates with the energy is what is likely to show up. Dark energy brings dark spirits, whatever “darkness” means to you. In terms of keeping the ritual space safe you can erect barriers or wards. That won’t necessarily keep the big guys out. A traditional means of holding the space is to evoke the archangels of the four quarters, but there are demonic counterparts as well

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Great information, I will apply in my next working. Respect for your help, blessings!

Yes I’ve also had this happen to me before. It was with a sigil talisman I charged with quite a lot of energy, and it attracted an astral parasite as well. A good banishing ritual should clear up the energy.

I have had this happen with a talisman. Did you cleanse the talisman before charging it?

No, I went straight to charging it. It was my method of charging A.O. Spare style sigils.

When you fail to cleanse an object before charging it, you actually amplify the energy already attached to the it. That can have unpredictable effects. This is why the grimoires insist on virgin materials and cleansing beforehand. I did something similar and later that night the vibes in the room were absolutely vile

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