Incredible feats

Hey lovelies,

I want to ask you all something. I’ve been trying my best to become stronger… Especially with energy and things that stem from it, such as telekinesis and pyrokinesis.

I want to ask you all what the most incredible feat like this you have ever done is.

My “most incredible” feats so far are causing splitting headaches to people who aggrevate me… Although it takes more focus than I’d like… I’ve also learned to block other people’s chakras



Was playing a game of soccer with some dick head and while this cunt was in the heat of the game I tied an astral thread around his leg and he fell and landed on his leg LOL.
problem is he actually got really hurt, but hay he was being a dick.
No ritual just made an imaginary thread around his legs with my mind.


Giving me ideas :joy: :smiling_imp:

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Other than that I’ve made cars change directions by "willing them to move"
And charging people’s chakras while standing across the room from them.
If you ask me the trick is to actually believe you can accomplish these feats.

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HUUUUGE list here if you haven’t seen it yet, compiled by Verdo:


Slipped my mind, thank you @Lady_Eva :slight_smile: