Increasing high volume e-book sales

Hello, I’m going to publish and sell an e-book. What I want is for my books to sell at a very high rate.

(I want to join Ea’s association and soul travel course so I need this book to be sold)

For this I want a system where money magic can help me sell my book huge,What magickal system can help me earn this money from this book sale?


Do what Damon Brand did to sell his books, create a servitor.


I know that the servant takes from your knowledge and power, but my knowledge and power are very little.

Not to be rude, but if you are planning to self publish the book in English, you will want to look into getting someone to properly edit it first for grammar and such, otherwise it will take more than magic to help you.


I know someone who will translate it into English, the infrastructure is completely ready now, but there is a need for spells that will generate more income.

Where did you ever get that idea? You can give a servitor any ability you can dream up, and they can also learn as they go.

If a servitor was limited only to what the magician knows, then they wouldn’t be very effective, would they? Yet magicians get pretty remarkable results from them, some even comparable to the classic angels and demons.

i highly recommend you do some reading on servitors. They would be far more effective for this than spells.

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So I can create a maid to make sure everyone who sees my book gets it, right?

Well, it is highly unlikely that any magick could make everyone who comes across your book buy a copy. You need to have some realistic expectations. Remember, some people are not easily influenced, even with magick.

However, a servitor would definitely help you sell more than you otherwise would, and if you’re putting your book on Amazon, it could even make it a bestseller in whatever category. I wouldn’t make the servitor a maid, though. you need to design to fit it’s purpose, so I would give it the form of a PR person, for example, or a marketing exec.