Increasing femininity

Didn’t find anything satisfactory from the search button. So, here we go!
What are the ways or entities that’ll help with turning my female friend more feminine.



Venus. :slight_smile:
She could wear the Pentacles of Venus. Consecrated.
Affirmations, subliminals. Petitions to Goddesses like Aphrodite.


If this is your friend’s desire, Venus as mentioned, Aphrodite, Lilith, Na’ahmah, and Inanna all come to mind.

There are also plenty of divine that help with shape shifting and making glamours permanent if that is applicable.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


What do you mean by “feminine?” I ask because modern ideas of femininity are primarily based on patriarchal religious ideas . For example, there are many archetypal goddesses that not only had what would be considered traditional female roles such home, hearth, fertility, healing, beauty, and love, but they also had what would be considered non-traditional roles like war, sex, battle and death. In fact, several ancient goddesses were considered far more adept at war than their male counterparts (Athena kicked Ares’ ass several times, for example, and Sekhmet was such a ferocious warrior that her bloodlust laid waste to half of humanity until Ra managed to calm her down by getting her drunk).


@DarkestKnight I totally understand that. But from all I have seen from all the movies and all she consumes. She has taken this to extreme to the point where there is no balance. I understand that it was all patriarchal religious agenda of how a women should be but that doesn’t mean for rejection of femininity.

Basically I see things Between us special, from the start we had a very good connection. And I see that If I have to put efforts on her it’s essential that she realises this herself gradually.

I can’t directly that cuz it’s too risky and It can end up breaking stuff between us. Cuz to spend time together we take a lot of efforts. And even small misunderstandings can easily keep us from not meeting at all.

Who says there has to be balance? It sounds like you are just projecting your own ideals about what constitutes “femininity” upon her. You want her to be a certain way in order to please you, not herself. You’re not concerned about her, only your own selfish beliefs about how you think she should be.

Honestly, if you approach a goddess with that kind of attitude, you’re just asking for trouble. Since you’re looking to impose your will upon her, your best bet would probably be a demon, though I’d stay away from Lilith, since her whole schtick is rebelling against the supposed authority of the male over the female so she’s more likely to kick your ass than help you.


Well maybe that is all that is.



I’ll bring the popcorn


I’ll prolly just leave her alone being the best friend I am and let her live her life.
I don’t see more. so yeah.
@DarkestKnight Thenks really

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As I come busting into this thread with Lilth energy :rofl:

My huge question is does she want to change?

I doing some work to get back deeply into the feminine but the sexual and glamour side of it. But because I want to and I need it for healing. BUT I am also doing more mundane things making myself wear makeup and dressing more sexy and feminine. I just worry changing her for you and what you desire will make you lose her completely.

yeah, that’s why I have decided to leave all that and let her be.

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Just project to her that she has a mustache, behaves like a boy, does what boys like, use your creativity to come up with something for that, not in a way that she likes if she is choosing to be more manly but only in all the negative ways :joy:


She will change of and when she wants to. Us women are shape shifters after all.

It makes me so happy you are leaving it to her.


I didn’t even read the question completely and just answered based on „how“ and „feminine“ lol. Now, that I get what it’s about…It’s definitely damagikg to make somebody feminine/masculine against their will, and should be considered carefully. I am glad you are letting her be.

All humans have a combination of feminine and masculine properties and energy. The physical determination of gender is just an outward representation of this.
A healthy spiritually evolved being has a balance (or marriage) of it’s own feminine and masculine. This balance is not a set 50%-50% deal, but what is a needed and desired balance of it is different for every being.

Turning your female friend more feminine is a very personal process should be her choice and her work.
If you want to develop your femininity, you might want to determine what the feminine means to you first and perhaps try to discover feminine properties that you didn’t realize are linked to femininity specifically. After that maybe determine what sides and properties you want to develop in yourself.
You could turn to one of many of the feminine planetary energies and deities that have already been suggested. I think they should only be turned for support of the work you do yourself. My opinion is, when developing something so personal in yourself, you should not turn to outside sources to ask to do the work for you.

In my opinion, don’t do anything if you want to change something, change your thinking, if she is less feminine to you or doesn’t please you, look for something else, don’t try to force people to be what pleases you, use magic for something really important like health or prosperity, maybe if you change it, in the end you will realize that that person is just another artificial fruit of your desire and not what they really want to be.



I’d try convincing her to embrace femininity, Goetia spirits that teach “Liberal sciences” or specifically rhetorics for that; also those that teach philosophy :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t Anton LaVey write a book called The Satanic Witch? Seems like back in the day it was his advice to women about how to be more feminine and manipulative if I recall. Check Amazon, if your friend is interested. Might be a fun read, anyway.