Increasing Faith and Paranormal activity

Recently I´ve felt a disconnect from the magical world, I practice what I consider basic magick that is easy but in general life has taken me by the neck and really held me down. I´m super burnt out on life but I need some serious spiritual help but I´ve felt disconnected from my guides. I still have sychronicites but I want to know they are there and be confident in them. If anyone has any tips for increasing Faith or paranormal activity please let me know. I say paranormal activity because when I have a really matrix breaking moment It validates what im doing and my beliefs I guess I want a miracle or to see shit fly around or have an extreme connection with the other side.


Well a good magical temple in the dark of the woods might be interesting. The aura of the woods is perfect. Find somewhere in the heart of the Forest a place with a big stone to be an Altar. Consecrate it, bless it and empower it.

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Pathworking will get you to feel the presence of spirits and probably paranormal activity if you use it frequently or spend more time on it. The simple ones mentioned in “Lucifer and hidden demons” will do the job if you implement them in your evocations, make them part of your rituals. You can also use the evocation keys in “Demons of Magick” even if you’re not using any rituals from the book, but it’s important to use them exactly how the author explains to get best results from them.