Increasing chances in digital marketing

Hello again my friends, Made some money for myself thanks to the digital auction, Up to 2000 dollars, I have never practiced rituals or spells while doing this.I want to earn more because I can’t stop my ambition, I want my work to attract more people and sell at higher prices, I am waiting for your suggestions for this. :black_heart:

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You could do a mantra, “If pa thal ah tem po lel” to manifest material desires
You hold the image of what you wish to manifest in your mind as you chant. Chant daily for as long as you wish until the object manifests. The more emotional energy you can infuse into the mantra, the quicker the manifestation. Can be used for any desire.

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Can I use Abremelin squares for this?

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Yes theres a video by EA on a magick square money ritual

Feiz Nathaan (fee-eyz nahth-ahn) To have money come to you unexpectedly @Keris

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The maximum duration of my auctions is 2 days, Are you sure this mantra will work in 2 days?

Possibly if u just do it & go with the flow without worries & believe it work & not think about it then yes

source of the mantra?

From @Keris other than that i dont know