Increase sexual skill

Is there any demons to evoke for instruction in tantra? Or how to be a better lover? I want to be the best that ever was. Like legendary

Open this sigal then chant ‘The Colonel’ 13 times:

if you want to learn tantra why not conjure shiva and shakti who are the patrons of it?

One does not simply conjure one of the most powerful Indian gods of the trinity for an instruction on how to fuck lol

Do a google search on giving orgasms. There was a really good instructional video on pornhub.

There is also immensly good book called “She comes first”. I do not remember the author now, but there also “He comes next” for women :wink:

And - Mantak Chia is good. Look up also for some good PUA forums, you will find there often very good sexual techniques.

Forget spirits for this. It is simple, remember that she comes first. Never be selfish in the sack, be ready and willing to satisfy her even if that leaves you wanting. Be a gentleman, or a bastard, depending on her needs because yours dont matter. Learn to eat pussy and be excellent at it. Viagra. PUA and sarging skills, be strong, forceful passionate and loving. Treat them like a Goddess, worship at their altar, as a God worships his Goddess. Understand what women want then tease them, let them know that you can supply that, then withhold it, until they are panting for it then bring them to ecstasy. Push Pull.

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