What’s your favorite type of incense and how do you use it ? I got some Nag Champa recently and I really like it. However, I am trying to work with King Paimon and he is supposed to like frankencense and myrrh. Is do not know where to get that. I googled it and haven’t had too much success. Do you guys have any trusted sites to buy incense ? I’ve taken to burning it outside of ritual just because I like the smell.

Picture is of my incense holder. It even has a secret compartment to store incense in, as you can see. I would love to see how some you guys burn incense!


I usually order my incense sticks from Nippon Kodo, they have a lot of “basic”/often required scents going on and I really like the scent to smoke ratio (less smoke, more scent because my SO is very sensitive to heavy smoke build ups). For smudge sticks and frankincense cones I have a local shop going on


Stick incense- I would probably go with Amazon. There are quite a few good brands such as Morning Star and Windrose.

As far as my own preference, I burn loose or cone incense, usually my own recipes as offerings. You would need a fire proof bowl, sand or soil, and charcoal disks for the loose form. Cone, a fireproof container and sand will do. Been thinking of making an incense trail in the shape of a sigil as well, but no idea how successful that would be.

As far as favorites go, I enjoy a nice sandalwood with hints of frankincense, cinnamon, and chamomile.

I also used incense as a way to add power for rituals or to give form to spirits to manifest in (evocation)


Thanks for the input guys!

I just ordered 100 sticks of frankincense and myrrh for about 8 bucks. Best price I could find and they seem to be of good quality.

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I love Nag Champa & most often burn the original scent. They do sell Frankincense & Dragon’s Blood & other scents. I just got some more, today.

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I prefer whole incense opposed to wrapped around a wood stick.

My favorite method is the one on the left, it’s simple and does the job!

Frankincense on coal on the right, I use for cleaning the house.


I love the smell of HEM white sage!

I strongly recommend to use resin, like copal. Its healthier than those sticks, your lungs will appreciate it.

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Lavender, Frankincense, Myrr and Sage

Will definitely try it next time.

I get my incense sticks from Amazon. I only buy the most expensive incense, handmade in India , as cheap incense is loaded with toxic chemicals I don’t want to breathe.