Nearly finished reading my copy (managed to get hold of a special reserve though have yet to find the secret information contained within). I am about to start using the book, there are a few particular demons who resonate with me who I want to summon.

Though I am curious about incense, I know it is a tool but does the use of certain fragrances help to amplify the effects of the summoning?

Also I have never used an incense kit before, and was wondering if people know of a good starter pack that anyone can recommend?


Just burn some Copal resin. If you get incense in sticks, find the resin dipped ones and use a bunch.


This. I went on Amazon, hunted around for a 1 lb. bag of copal resin that had good reviews (apparently some people are selling crap incense). A good bag will be about 20$ usd, and has burned clean and well for me. You’ll also need some incense/hookah charcoals - you could find them at a tobacco/hippy shop. These are much easier to find, but you may as well order them from the incense vendor. You will probably need more than one charcoal to produce the smoke you’ll need.

I’m not an incense expert, but this seemed to be good stuff:


Check out this site if you’re looking for resin. You can buy a 1lb bag for about $10 They also have a large selection of other resins and charcoal.


Shipping is more spendy, but it looks like they carry quality products. I’d be down to try them out when I start to run low.


I recently made a post about a manifestation base that works just as well, if not better than incense and is far cheaper


I meant to mention that post here. Here’s the link:


The shop down the street from me sells an ounce of Copal for $2.75. Check your local shops, it’s better than the internet because you can actually see what you are buying. They also sell the hookah coals at the places I go to.