What means the forms in the smoke of the incense? how i could know if a spirit is already with me?

You will see the spirit in the incense smoke itself.

i know but how…i only se forms but no persons or something like that

Continue to practice and it will happen eventually.

Part of the practice referred to is attuning yourself to the vibration of the entity/spirit you seek to evoke. This is done by various methods like establishing the vibration of the temple that is inline with the energy you seek. One method for doing this is the type of incense you use. The use of oils/oleums that attract you entity on candles and sigils. Entering a altered state through meditation is another. A properly energized sigil of the entity/spirit for the manifestation may be needed well. Repeated work under these conditions has worked quite well for me.

Today i see a form during i evoke ladylok…i think that maybe was she