Incense to set the mood for different spirits during your evocations


I know there are tons of references out there for ceremonial or ritual magick (sorry, still trying to get money together to get the basic eBook of E.A.s as well as hardcover works of his), that say for this intelligence or that spirit, this is the incense to use for the burner. Does it matter if you are burning cones in an old godiva hot chocolate can (my current censer to be), or does it have to be approvable per spirit on what exactly is used?
Does it matter if you burn parsley for each spirit, or does it actually have to be this or that scent?



All you need is some white copal resin, some coals, and a bowl to burn it in. Nothing fancy is required but you do need a ton of smoke because the spirit is going to form from this smoke

Cool Necromaster, thanks.