Incense sticks

So I have recently bought some of the opium scent incense sticks as I have read that they are helpful in evokations but I’m not really sure on how to use them. Would someone please explain to me what are they exactly used for and if a beginner like me can make as use of them?


I think they may be used as a Saturnian incense, for working either with this type of entities, demons or the deceased.

Well currently I’m attempting to work with Azazel and only Azazel as it is enough of a struggle to communicate with him for me just now. I think it might be helpful then, still don’t know how to use it tho.

I once followed a procedure for obtaining a, theoretically, powerful name of Azazel: “Pilene”. Try vibrating this, and it’s possible to repeat his enn “Eya on ca Azazel aken”.
In the case of demons, other incense sticks you may add to opium are camphor and cloves, or copal. For the higher entities, like him, maybe use also a violet light in the room.

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What do you mean by “Try vibrating this, and it’s possible to repeat his enn “Eya on ca Azazel aken”.” what should I vibrate?

Vibrate “Pilene”; there are some useful Yotube channels, for example Indigo Priestess. One of her videos give a further mantra related to Azazel: “O shi shi bub kushni banda”, it may be employed too.

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Can you pls donate me with a link ? And what do you mean by vibrating “Pilene” because it’s a name as u mentioned before I just don’t understand.

Indigo Priestess channel:
Another one is The Serpent’s Key:
I obtained Pilene using a method to get the secret names of entities starting from their “common” names. According to the magician who explained that method, a Spirit will necessarily respond if called by his/her secret name.

Sure. Incense is kind of a multi use item.

  1. Scent trigger to aid in trance state. One of the things that can help achieve state is a controlled form of sensory overload via stimulation of all senses, or multiple ones at the same time.

  2. If you burn incense during ritual and daily exercises then the smell of incense burning eventually becomes a kind of mental trigger that means “it’s magick time”.

  3. The smoke can be used as a manifestation base for spirit work like evocation. It gives the entity something to work with to achieve a form. Resins work better for this, or dhoop sticks, so feel free to light multiple sticks of the type you have to get that extra smoke.

  4. Energetic correspondence. Each incense has energetic properties according to the oils, powders, plant matter and resins that make it up. For example, in my work, opium is high in water and moon energy. It can be a booster for spells, or in the case of evocation it fills the area with energy that is in alignment with the spirit, theoretically making it easier for the spirit to manifest.

Yep, especially a beginner, but I still love incense because I am a big smell-oriented person, psychologically. I go with resins, though, because I can custom blend them, they are purer, create more thick smoke, and I can also use them in oil recipes. I have stick types and dhoop as well, though.


So here comes my last few questions for now, so every Tim I actually gaze at the sigil my vision goes a bit blurry and then it starts to flash but if I will focus my sight it will stop so here comes the question if it’s supposed to go blurry and second part of the question can I actually look away to check the smoke from the incense. Also every time I think I managed to evoke Azazel because of the sigil flashing I have hard times with revealing the thoughts he implemented into my head what really makes me doubt if I actually evoked him or not, however just a few minutes ago I have tried to clear my mind from every thought during the evokation and I focused myself on maintaining the breath cycle within it’s natural pace as you would do while meditating and I was able to discover bits and pieces of thoughts that I was sure didn’t originate from my conscious/subconscious self but they were almost ripped apart and too subtle to understand them, also I haven’t notice anything with smoke neither reflection in a tv screen I used as a black mirror any ideas on how I can improve my communication with him ?


Keep working at it until you get that haze in the room that is clearly not the smoke, and opening your eyes right up does not interrupt it. As time passes you will even be able to move around a bit without interrupting it. You sound like you are making progress, though. Are you getting any kind of a falling or sliding feeling yet?

That’s how it started for me as well. As your ‘magick mucles’ and astral abilities sharpen those images become much clearer. Again, that is a great sign that you are making some kind of contact/connection. Now you know you are being heard, and you are ready to make the exchange a two way street.

That does not happen commonly, unless you are able to go for a full manifestation. I have gotten visuals, smell, images and some sound, but no full voice communication, no touch and not the ‘standing in the room talking with you’ experiences some have, so I can’t really help you there.

You are not going to, either. You don’t see the images literally on a scrying surface, at least not like a reflection. The black surface is basically acting as a blank canvas for things to paint astral visions with, or as a manifestation base. When you see something in the mirror you will know, because it is a lot more intense then seeing a wild reflection. Reflective visuals are usually literal smoke and mirrors. Good job with the TV screen, though. Tablets also work, a lake on a new moon, etc…

Here is a great recent thread from today on the topic: Darkness - As A Manifestation Base

None of these just yet but I feel relaxed and at peace every time I open the sigil (it could be because my very first evokation of Azazel was a request to help me with clearing my mind out of needles thoughts for offering from my blood) I’m still curious about my sight going blurry and I still doesn’t know if it’s supposed to.


It is described a bit different by everyone. For me, first I get a haze in the room, sliding deeper I feel like I am falling backwards, deeper than that it feels like a mini, local brain orgasm crossed with a stun gun zap which is oddly enjoyable. But you will probably notice some kind of changes in your vision.

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