Incense has no smoke?

So for the past few weeks none of my incense has been producing smoke, and if it does it’s the tiniest amount of smoke.

I haven’t really been able to find any answers as to why this is happening and figured I’d ask the forum.

I’ve used different brands, scents, sticks/cones. But no matter what I try Theirs either just a hint of smoke or none at all.

Anybody have any ideas?
I cleanse my space every week or two and it should be fully cleaned and protected but idk.

Possibly less resin in the incense or you are in a humid place. I live in a very humid place and sometimes mine doesnt produce much smoke.


I has thinking the same. Cause my mom brought a plant into my room and the leaves are yellow and dying and the soil is moist so I think it’s too warm and humid.

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I was thinking probably an mix of environmental factors and of course the inscence you are using.

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It could be a matter of storing it somewhere dark and cool like a cabinet or something. Maybe put it in a different container where it can’t get moist, like take it out of the plastic and put it in a jar with a screw on lid. I live in Florida so I have that problem too.