Incantations - words, pronunciations and "Enns?"

Hi all,
I honestly did scour these forums, and Google for a while, before finally giving up and posting (and messaging another user as well. I know how annoying it gets when newbies just ask, ask, ask, and don’t do any of the researdhing themselves. Well, I love the researching and hate being spoon fed. But I’m really stuck here. In order to perform a summoning, the sigil is vital, and a correct incantation is really helpful too. I have one for Lucifuge (well two actually), as well as their pronunciation, which is also important. I’m looking for one for Amon at the moment. Or a general directive as to where i would find such things. Then I can merrily go off and find them myself.

I could really appreciate some assistance here.

OH AND PS… During my Googling, I came across something called an Enn Pronunciation. I’ve read a few pages and have just gotten more and more confused??? HELP?



Check out satan and sons on YouTube, not sure if they have exactly what you’re looking for off the top of my head, but they have alot of videos of a chic chanting enns, so pronunciation is taken care of for you.

Alot of enns have the same words, just different structure, so even if they don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, you can likely piece it together


In my experience the enn is just sort of a tool for chanting so you can focus on the entity in question. Also with as many different sigils as there are for certain entities, it’s likely just a tool for focus as well.


Thanks for your help you guys. Will let you know how it goes.

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don’t get too caught up in “correct pronunciation”, “right tools” or “perfect sigils”. In magic, intent is everything; anything else is merely a tool to focus the Will of the magician.


Thanks Warlock!

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