INCANTATION SUMMARY - I invite you to share all your incantations here :)

does this mean I can say this phrase when trying to communicate with them?

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I’m sure why you replied to me, but quoted C. Kendall.

@C.Kendall can better answer your question.

here’s what I wanted to ask - what does this mean?

Most demonic incantations don’t “mean” anything. Their effect comes from the vibration of their particular set of consonants and vowels, not from any perceived translation of meaning.

However, since @C.Kendall received the particular incantation you are asking about, maybe he was also given a translation.


Can you tell me in what tradition these words are?

Will this incantation be offensive to any particular type of being ?

Thanks :pray:

Linan Tasa Jaden King Paimon. A way of summoning King Paimon-an enn I recieved earlier from him. A way of strengthening the connection and to manifest his results into your life


Thats what i say also evrn though the “king” is not added on printed texts i feel it should be.
Maybe thats his doing?:blush:


I wouldn’t use titles when communicating with friends and family like Azazel. For me the 9 demon Kings of Hell are my family and friends and the 9 Infernal Divinities too. If one of them wants to be addressed with his title is because probably the relationship isn’t strong enough or emotional.


I understand. It makes sense yes. I am feeling this way with Belial and after what Azazel did tonight to shut down a deafening party in our street before the time i asked for i am very inclined to relationship building. :laughing::innocent::smiling_imp:


Should be stated that once done will progressively continue with education


Hi everyone, I wish to throw in a quick but immense, immense thanks for your efforts! I have to keep up to check out everyone’s posts - I feel like I’m in candy-land thanks to all of you and I’m sure many feel the same way - you all rock----BiG TiMe! :smiley:

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Why youtube specifically? Because the idea to share to potentially known+unknown people as a combo unlocks your mind universally, instantly also upgrades your relation to all life - it’s limitlessly exquisite! :slight_smile:


Haha yeah the idea has occurred to me several times .
Nah selfies look awful. I mean what thw screen shows before and after the lense clicks
Haha nope

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Ohim goa’ oris.

  • Hitting and pushing critical dark mass.

From Grah’aht’talion
Incantation to boost your manifestation
Chant while sou push your vision into the world

“maka dall
Hatu guir’jarvilis
Dal dek”


There is a nice meditation on Youtube, chanting his enn.
I love that Satan ans Suns posts these.

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Incantation to activate Kundalini:

Incantation to raise the 5th Element:


@randcam me too

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Hello Hermes i need you in my pm

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SHoutOut to @Rory_Mclellan
-as this was his GNOSIS, i shamelessly brought up.
Given by Shemyaza forward to me. :wink:




“yesh ish
mentakal ves’dres dakal
ak’mantal amant’yen aman’yesh

to summon the powers of the abyss