Incantation Questions

There is an incantation in, Evoking Eternity, that I have a question about. It is, " Itz ranta Taz kallu taz tafta saz fallu, sitz falta ihr talma sitz kaltu fen tazu. Vaskalla sen Kira sen fanta it allu, int itzu ihr fallu ihr kallu int ratzu."

What is it for and what does it mean? Just looking for clarification to focus on what I expect the outcome to be.


It is the incantation for the group scrying exercise. My understanding is that it is to be used to sync up the minds of the participants so they hone in on the same vision. That is why it is to be chanted in unison, before calling up the first specific place to view.

The words don’t mean anything specific. Like similar incantations, its power lies in the energy of the demonic tongue itself, not in the meaning of the words.


Can it be used together with companions or it has to be like living people?

As far as I understand, it is for living people.

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