Inanna Ritual


December 22, I will be doing a ritual for the goddess Inanna …

Anyone who wishes to join me please do so.
Goddesses need love too :heart:

This is her star

Lions are also associated with her.
Inanna is a very powerful love and war goddess.


i am interested to do the ritual too


Sweet, I plan to do it on the full moon of December. Hopefully, outside under the stars.

I think it’s high time goddesses get some love.

You can use the star as a sigil for her or create your own.


thats awesome
is there a ritual already writted?


I’m planning to design my own circle for her. But you don’t have to go that extreme.

I want to show her love and support. Start you ritual how you would usually.
And then call on the godess when you feel her presence let her know you haven’t forgotten about her and that she has allies, friends and love.
If you choose to sacrifice something to her that is your optional choice.
Leave a nice offering though. Maybe wine and bread or chocolate or something sweet that says I love you. Like home made cookies or some art you made.

She loves candles from my experience with her.
I’m thinking pink as red is firey as well as love and might evoke the war aspect.

I’m planning to go with pink and purple candles. I want to set a candle in each of the four directions. And maybe have a gold one facing east.
I plan to do this ritual to the east.


I’m also interested


That sounds like a lovely tribute. I’m sure she would be pleased.


I got a necklace with Inanna’s star on it.

I’m excited to were it during the ritual! :star2:


I’m in :love_you_gesture: it lies in perfect time for me with her !


Sweet !! :candy:


New years is coming so perfect timing


Just bumping this to remind you guys it’s still on :slight_smile::sparkling_heart:


Some Info




Who all went thru with this ?


Forgot to show my necklace I got for the ritual


Oh damn that’s pretty.