Inability to fix social anxiety

I have had a problem developing for some time now pertaining to social situations. Every time I am in a social situation no matter how comfortable I am with the people I profusely sweat. It’s not as though I’m nervous around these people for it could be my friends or family. It has gotten worse over the past few months, I’ve tried rituals twice to stop the sweating but it doesn’t seem to work.

I’m not sure what’s causing it, yes, being nervous for some reason will make it worse, but even when I’m perfectly happy and comfortable I still have this weird feeling inside of me about anxiety when I’m around other people. It honestly is only when I’m near them, if I’m merely observing other people from a distance I’m fine, but when I get near to them, and especially when talking to them, I feel weird, and consequently start to sweat.

I don’t know if it has something to do with energy as I’m desperate for it is extremely annoying. It’s gotten worse the more I’ve practiced magick, I’m not sure what’s going on, clearly some part of my body is not comfortable being around other people. The only time when I don’t sweat around other people is if I forget I’m even around them.


Do some shadow work, go to therapy for help with social anxiety.

Energetically, I’d suggest banishing and shielding.

Nothing special but just go outside! Breathe the air, work in the garden or do something physical. Force yourself to go to the shops and buy something physical, wear sunglasses if it helps. Do this everyday, make an effort to at least go for a 20min walk. Avoid coffee too, can usually help. Perhaps even give mackick or at least some of the more extreme spirits a break?

Magick can help, like you can ask entities to make you more charismatic and relaxed. But you should totally work in the physical world too. Go to therapy and talk about this.

I am doing experiments on this subject. It’s too soon to say but I know a lot about what doesn’t work.

I think there are rituals that can help you but these must be done regularly it’s always an uphill battle. To truly eradicate this anxiety you need to completely change how you think. You need deep conviction. There is no way this isn’t a long journey

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Venus can help.
Find a way to use that nervous energy - simply drawing random lines on paper, while imagining the energy flowing into the paper can help.
You are very self aware - which is something that people who practice magic like to skip oover.
You got this and you are capable.

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I feel this. I suffered from social anxiety for many years and its only in last few years that I was able to overcome it. I don’t have the cure but I can telm you what has helped with me. I got really bad palipitations and sweats at even the thought of meeting someone new.

But what helped me was grounding myself as much as possible even if its slipping off my shoes and walking on the grass whenever I have a chance. Talk therapy can also help. There could be something there that is dormat in your subconscious that is causing you to feel this way that you need to face and address. For me personally , I found it was caused in my past when someone took advantage of me whilst I was high and I had blocked it out.
With magick you can ask for their help in your confidence with it and ask them to help reduce the fear and anxiety you feel.
Last but not least,what helped me was not giving a fuck. Literally. Like in my head I use to get it so built up with ‘what ifs’ when being around other people. But I just started getting a ‘fuck it’ mindset with it all. And whenever I start to feel that panicky anxiety creep up to this day I shut it down with the ‘fuck it’ mindset.

Hope any of this makes sense to you and helps a bit
You got this.


I hope this link helps

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