In the shadows of my mind - journey in Tarxafias with shax

so its been a few days that i worked
with marquis shax,he showed me a place on the qlippoth and passage of darkness
that place is called “tarxafias”
shax told me this.

"theres the shadow of shadow
Of the qlippha of satariel
That hidden passage is called tarxofias

Its the shadows of the roots
Of conciousness"

before i just meditated
i structuted a black dark gate in my ajna chakra and in front of me i said .

“i open the gates of tunnel of tarxafias
om’sat’la tarxofias aken
gates of tarxofias open
om’sat’la tarxofias aken”

i repeated that incantacion to open the gates untill i had felt my mind sinking
and felt my conciousness very weird it froze,and i just was observing whats happening
sort of depersonalization which i suffered,but azazel and lucifer said

“trust us,it will be easy to overcome it,accept it and ground yourself”

anyways continuing my journey through tarxafias
as i entered the shadows and roots of conciousness i had felt like a tree with thoughts
its been very weird.

the energy of tarxafias can be altered and used to enter higher states of conciousness or use the energy as physic energy for better senses.its a powerful energy.

i said something to shax but i dont quite remember but he replied

“dont you understand that we all come
from this darkness
we are different yet the same
the same darkness and chaos is our essence
and orgin,
you say it like concousness is no chaos at all
which you are very wrong,i will mock every expectacion that you have
you must go beyond in the truth of darkness,nothing at all.”

so this was my journey in tunnel tarxofias with Shax.