In the Broom Closet and the Assumption of Manforms

Greetings,brothers and sisters of the Craft,my Pagan kin!

Sorry,I’ve always wanted to do that.You know,to write an article,to guide some more novice sorcerers,and do that opening greeting thing you see on Right Hand Path-oriented websites,that you come across almost everywhere when googling about the occult.

First of all,a couple of disclaimers.I will not openly advocate lying to one’s parents.As will be stated by everyone on the Internet,as long as you are living under their roof,eating their food,and sleeping in their beds,you are to abide by their rules and if their rules are not to practice magick,then I highly suggest you either get REALLY good at hiding it,or find a good place to practice it on your own.

A basement,shed,cave,anywhere really.In fact,devoting a separate space for ritual is kinda what many people do.

Now,one thing that I may be known for is my surprising body of supernatural experiences and experiments with magick and with mysticism,for such a young age.I felt inclined,then,to write an article like this one,dedicated to teenagers,kids,or even young adults who are practicing magic within the broom closet.

However,going past that,this article would also discuss the assumption of manforms,which is to say,how even adult magicians act normal,which is very important because for some weird reason going around and telling people you’re a god isn’t exactly gonna get you worshiped.

How you identify,isn’t important.I’ve changed religions more time than I can count,so when asked what religion I was,I would always tell them the religion I held at the time,which could be Hinduism,Buddhism,Atheism,Christnanity,Islam,etc.(when I was a Satanist,I simply told others I was a ‘‘Hedonistic Atheist’’)

However,when I went from jumping from religion to religion,and settled on becoming an eclectic magician(and it would take me another year or so to turn to the Left Hand Path),I started lying to others,telling them I was a Muslim(which is the religion I was raised in,and first followed)

However,these days,I am adamant about not talking about my religious views.I openly discuss my knowledge of every religion,and even every magical tradition,but I do my best to keep as objective as possible.

When discussing whether magick is real,or not,I play Devil’s advocate,pointing out that most sciences of today(medicine,psychology,chemistry…) WERE magick,and then I ramble on about the Double Slit Experiment,and the potential connections of QM with magick,but I keep as neutral as possible.

I show a love of Halloween,and I carry crystals and sigils around,but I actively hide them in a small pocket,or sometimes even in my shoe.In fact,according to Mother(AKA Hecate),it may actually be beneficial,as keeping a folded up sigil in your shoe can sometimes be ‘‘consecrating each step’’ to the spirit.

Of course,I make sure that it is the sigil of a reliable spirit who won’t vampirize me.Beyond actively avoiding religious conversations,I also do my best to say ‘‘Oh my Gods’’,or ‘‘By Thoth’’,or things like that that got into my language under my breath.And because of Lady Eva,I’ve been saying ‘‘Ye gods’’ a lot.

I am also going to print out all of my occult books,and delete them from my computers so that no one can find them.Then,I am going to take the copies,and put them on a high shelf which i’ve already told my parents(and everyone),is off-limits,my own personal restricted section.They have promised to honor it.

This particular bookshelf also has Thoth bound to it,and I trust him to be protective of the knowledge.I havew incense sticks and candles with me,I use an ordinary kitchen knife as my athame,and I regularly consecrate things only to undo the consecration when I’m done.

I meditate a lot,and I perform way more sigil magic than full-blown evocation,as a lot of people here do.Anything,and everything is a magical tool.At the same time,though,I have no permanent altars,and few permanent implements.All of this stuff is normal and less so.

Which brings me to my next point.This has been stated by EA Koetting,and every single black magician in this whole world,yet few seem to understand,that black magick hinges on what you do,and to a lesser extent what you know.

If you’re fond of death metal,and like to look all goth,and talk with no emotion than good for you!But it is not necessary.

Few would believe that I am a black magician if I told them.I follow school rules,never having really felt a need for rebellion,I have no tattoos,I dislike rock music in general(no I’m serious),and I dress like every day is prom.But in a ritual,I know that I am god,to a degree ,any so called Satanists just don’t.

I once did get to meet a goth girl(a friend of a friend),who openly talks about her dark witchy faith.Personally,I squealed in that conversation,every time she mentioned anything,simply because just from listening to this person,I knew she couldn’t conjure ten euro if she had two fives in her hands.

And being in my state,I couldn’t vocalize,or tell her she was wrong about Crowley,who was very much not a Satanist,and wrong about the Devil,who is very much not Lucifer.

The Powers of Darkness and Magick in general will always appreciate what you do.If you evoke Belial in the bathroom,then he’s going to be just as friendly as if you evoke him in an ornate temple.He might make a sarcastic comment,but that’s Belial.

So please,do not consider yourself lesser magicians if you do not look or act or talk like magicians.Do not worry about being the best,just worry about actually getting what you want,and being happy,and never having to live in pain for long.

And now,I will discuss the assumption of manforms.What does this mean?We are gods.This profound statement would shock the mind of most people out there,but on this forum,everyone knows that we are all born with a wide variety of abilities through which we can warp this world.

But it is necessary,truly,to ground ourselves into this world.How do we,as all-powerful magicians,act as humble mortals?

Well,first of all,be humble.Do not consider yourself above others,just because you have magical powers.Consider yourself the least informed on any subject,even if it is your own field of expertise.Be open to learning,and growing.Reintegration into human society from the realms above and beyond,does not mean foolishly submitting to anything society dictates.

Rather,it is the process of relearning to become human.In time,desires are made manifest,and enjoyed,and your entire world becomes a small microcosmic bubble,of happiness.It is amusing,really,how many people talk to a god,talk to you,every day and do not even realize it.

The process of becoming comfortable with your humanity doesn’t mean not using magick,or not thinking magick.It means being able to distinguish between the Mortal Self and the Godself.

My Gods,this post was unhelpful and unnecessary.

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[quote=“Arcane, post:1, topic:6525”]The process of becoming comfortable with your humanity doesn’t mean not using magick,or not thinking magick.It means being able to distinguish between the Mortal Self and the Godself.

My Gods,this post was helpful and necessary.[/quote]

Fixed that for ya! :stuck_out_tongue: