In need of money asap

I need around $3000 in under 28 days to pay court fines, problem is i only make $300 a week at my job, no family to help either.

Is it possible for a demon to materialize money or arrange it for me? If so who do i go to and how to summon him. I can sacrifice a small animal like a skunk. This is serious. I hear people say the money will come to you but you have to put in work, well all i do is go to work and come home so i doubt im gonna walk and find the money on a path, so how do i get it? Serious answers only no talk about how dangerous it is.

I have read Asmodeus is good for situations like this, as he brings it in very fast. I personally have not tried it tho, only read other people’s experiences here and watched them on YouTube.

I cnt remember which book letting give a spell, not sure anthologies of sorceria,123 tis free if have qzin kindle subscription he say he got money fast,yes he give a chicken as offering,he got money fast,look around

Try also abramelin square look here

Saint expedite

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JS Garretts Suhn’Tal’ok ritual on YouTube works! :blue_heart:
Also when manifesting , be especially tuned in and on the look out for any offers / opportunities that come your way - for example, do you need to declutter ? Is there anything that you consider to be of no use to you anymore that you can list on places like Facebook marketplace / local selling sites . I know that seems like crappy advice but you’d be amazed what ppl will find useful out of things that you would normally throw out or let gather dust . I’ve made quite a bit selling old shoes / kids toys / clothes ( every little helps ) You might be able to manifest the exact amount in just a few days but looking for practical ways to raise cash fast can help also.
Good luck :black_heart:


@sanaRo is that Greek or Russian that webpage you linked is using?

Please re state that but in english this time.

How do i use the runes to get money? Never used a rune before.

You again, the possessed guy? :roll_eyes:

Most authors recommand to do magick step by step. You are earning about $1000 a month.
Money magick can help you get about 50% according to my best experience(I not an expert after all).
You can ask with someone the remaining amount.

Use this books available on Amazon: (It is easy)
Magickal Cashbook: Attract Money Fast With Ancient Secrets And Modern Wealth Magick

Last solution, you can pray to God, really that can help smooth the situation, depending on His holy will.

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I dont want to hear about a book man. I want to hear about a demon and how to summon it for money QUICK.

This book is about ONLY ONE SPIRIT, Nitaka. That will bring you the money needed in no time.
You can perform the magick in 24hrs.

Do not believe, do it and see.


Salas’ash from the Book of Azazel.


You have given me more information i see. i misjudged your comment, thank you i will definitely get the book.

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Yes 100% he comes through.

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This book is specifically for that. It’s not guarantee but it really does work.

Book did not work

Did not work.