In need of help

So I’m 19, I didn’t have enough money to continue going to college so now I’m working a shitty farm job doing labor intensive work, all my money is basically all gone before I even get paid, my girlfriend and her mom freaked out on me when they found out I was studying black magick. Im serious about becoming a magician, I desperately want my life turned around, I’m tired of the debt, stress and bull shit that comes with this mediocre life, I want friendships with spirits, I want to be able to talk to them at any given moment, I want to really change my life, and if anyone can help me it’s you guys, I’m open and willing to try new ideas. If anyone would be willing to help me it would be EXTREMELY appreciated, thank you

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Bune or Clauneck, and also Lucifer

I’ve been trying to contact Lucifer now through meditation but I’m not getting anything, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I even made a clay sigil so I could meditate in front of it and I still didn’t get anything

What are you expecting to get?

Anything really, I’m not expecting a full on manifestation right then and there, but I figured it would start in my head first

I know from reading the experiences on this forum it can seem like demons will crawl out of the woodwork just by speaking their name, but in reality, phenomena is very rare when simply meditating on a seal.

When you meditate, don’t expect anything at all. It can take months of daily work to become sensitive enough to feel something. If your intention is contact, just assume contact is being made.


I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. I went through a nearly identical situation once myself. What I did was to think of the career I wanted most, and I abandoned every single part of my life that didn’t support that. Including people (especially people). Financially, I was fucked for a little while because of the abruptness of the change, but I was immediately relieved and happy. No regrets whatsoever - best move I ever made. It’s scary and it’s difficult, but worth it. No magick involved. I stayed close to my patron, King Paimon, and received a great deal of support from Him, though I never asked for it. Something to consider. I wish you the best.

Is there a way I can send you a private message?

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