In Need of Advice

Hey guys,

It’s been a while. I’m writing because something has been on my mind and I can’t quite shake it. I’ve had this compulsion to purify myself, and I’m not sure what it means. It started yesterday in the middle of a storm, and a lightning bolt struck the street behind our house and sounded like a stone being ripped in half. It made me generally uneasy. That being said, today I started intermittent fasting, I had a vegan protein shake w/acai and antioxidant berry blend. I’m having the compulsion to quit smoking (not a bad thing, quite good actually, it just came out of nowhere.)

Additional back story, I had an overwhelming bout of anxiety a couple weeks ago that culminated in me losing my job. I felt overwhelmed with ennui and a deep despair. I’ve literally never had that type of experience hit me and it was horrible. I was paralyzed metaphorically speaking and the will to do anything in the way of leaving my house was just not going to happen. I did manage to get to the gym three times which helped a lot but it didn’t solve the issue.

So today, I decided to do a purification ritual/road opener, I burned yellow powder sulfur, palo santo, white sage, benzoin, and gold copal. I lit a green candle to symbolize my need for material riches and prosperity and a white candle to keep the bad away. I drew protection sigils and patterns on my chest and face in charcoal and then scattered Florida Water by Murray and Lanman on my shoulders. This last bit has been a staple in my practice for 13 years.

Well, I wrapped up the ritual and noticed that my shoulders were red (WHICH HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE.) Whatever was latched on didn’t want to go. I’m going to post a picture here to show. After that, I did some bibliomancy, spirits claimed they participated in the purification and that everything was hunky dory and I didn’t need to go any further.

In short, where the fuck do I go from here? Which seems to be a perpetually asked question of mine. I need to quickly find a new job and move forward but, if someone wouldn’t mind giving me a scanny scan or a reading or offer any type of advice where I go from here, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Smudging yourself and your home environment eith palo santo or some kind of cleansing herb could be of useful service to you while you’re searching for solutions and other people scan you as well.