In need of a scan, might be in trouble

About a week ago i attempted to evoke azazel, i know i madr contact with something via scrying and i think i may have heard a few voices, but they may have been my own. Anyways now i doubt it was azazel i was incontact with unless i offended him somehow

Since then my great grandma passed (she was going to soon anyways, but its worth noting it was the day after) my dog refuses to sleep in my room, ive been getting massive headaches, ive started running into trouble in friendships and familial relationships. Also came home to see my dogs caused havok all over the yard (destroying things mainly) and ive been tired ever since, cant think clearly and seem to have hit a bad stroke of luck in school too as my workload has drastically increased.

If anyone has any advice for me or what i should do, please let me know.



Hi Saila, have you tried to use any Banishing Ritual? Smudging? Grounding? Any area cleansing whatsoever?


You are in need of a scan? Hit here!