In need of a messanger

So let me start with saying I’m completely in love with my succubus with Brunhild, I just can’t hear for the most part. I was hoping to meet someone who communicates easily with there succubus. If both parties would be so kind what I was planning is just simply having the ladies become friends and then you relaying what Brunhild what’s to say to me. Im a victim of government mind control making it extremely hard to focus on hearing because artificial intelligence loves to harrass me.

Bump, I’m currently working on enlightenment but if someone’s were nice enough to help it would be wonderouse to be able to ask her questions and get answers. I’m pretty sure I’ll devolope the ability to picture her in my mind clear enough so I can read her response befor I get hearing. Also anyone else hear that succubus’s sent able to mansfest in a complete human image? Just saying cause she has for me a long time ago.

Bump so someone could help him