Improving social life in general

so after spending like 3 days on a school trip to Batam, being bored as fuck because my friend and I couldn’t convince any girl (that i would approve of) to chill with us in my hotel room I’ve decided that i need to improve my social life.

Does anyone have any recommendations for entities to use to attract interesting, non-homicidal people?

Yes… beleth can be used in your case… He is known to help in winning the affections of other people… And many people on this forum seem to have great success with him :slight_smile:

Alright, thanks, but what do yku think of that whole hazel wand and scaring-the-shit-outta-you thing he does? I have basically never worked with a wand and when I have I just used a pencil, which probably wouldn’t go very well if he tried to do anything.

I really hope that this does not come in tardiness.

I myself have never struggled much in these kinds of situations,because I’ve rarely had all that many guy friends.I mostly do just hang out with girls.

However,I can understand a necessity to win the affection of others.Not romantic affection,mind you,just get more people into your circle of friends.

Is that your intent?To bring friendship into fruition?Because if so,then there’s a great spell in Works of Darkness for that.It’s a simple candle spell,that will achieve the desired effect in the sense that it’ll make you more people like you,or more people like you more or make people like you more.

The part of Works of Darkness:


Sometimes love and romance have nothing to do with one another. There are times when a friendship is budding or is glowing just over the horizon, lacking only Apollo’s tow to bring it into morning. Or, perhaps, such an imminent companionship is nowhere in sight, loneliness impeding your ability to feel complete.
The following candle burning ritual is not meant to control the thoughts and emotions of those to be effected, for, what satisfaction could be found in forced camaraderie, but instead will harvest the emotions and energies already existent and bring situations to a summit without waiting and wading through time.
The altar should be arranged exactly as it was for the ritual of attracting a lover: the ritual dagger set on the right edge of the altar, the chalice on the left and a single, tapered black candle in the center.

Open with meditation and clearing of the mind.

Place your hands on the altar, open your eyes, light the candle and let your gaze fix on its flame, sinking into it as before. Sense the initial culmination of Magickal powers in the flame and in the Temple.

Hold in your mind an image of being surrounded by friends. See in their eyes genuine concern and caring for you. See in their smiles an untainted happiness in your company. Feel your own personal satisfaction growing as you look on at this group of unmade friends. This visualization, of course, is extremely personal and personalized, each Black Magician’s unique wants manifesting first in his visualization of the goal. If there is a specific person or group of people with which you desire to strengthen your friendship, see these people around you. Feel the closeness of their presence. Feel the unspoken connection had with them. Bring their faces and personalities into your visualization.

Let the emotions spill from you into the Temple. Release your longing and loneliness, allowing it to purge from you in whatever form it may.

When the emotion that has been trapped inside has been released, call: “By the Powers of Darkness, I draw to me those that would be beneficial to my life, those that would complement my existence. Bring them to me and let the friendship that is begun flourish. Pull me from my dark well of loneliness and bring them to me.” Again, if there are specific people who you wish to be effected by this working, include their names in the oration, such as "I draw ________ to me, as a person beneficial to my life … etc.~

Try to feel the specific individual energies of these people being drawn to you. At the same time, release whatever longing for friendship that still resides in your heart. Transfer one for the other in your thoughts and your feelings; transfer your loneliness for the warmth of friendship, until the glow of it radiates from you and graces you with a contented smile.

Once this psychological transfer is complete and you are left no longer feeling alone, but knowing that your friends are on their way, gaze deeper into the black candle’s flame. Seal the ritual by stating, "Bring them to me! By the Powers of Darkness, my will be done.

Within days you will begin to see the success of this Operation blossoming. Little conversations will be started, jokes told, or even simple salutations that will tell you that you are not alone. Let this feed itself, returning the gestures and reaping the friendship which will ensue.’’

Does this help?

Yep, thanks, helps alot more than I’d like to admit

Did you try the spell?How did it work out?

Lodestone. Magnetic Sand. You’re welcome.

Charge a quartz cluster, keep it on your desk or bedside table. Done that twice in life, and both times it worked a treat.

It sort of worked out, I met some interestjng people just not in my school which is sort of good