Important question about mirrors

so i bought a mirror a while back but its useless in a ritual cause i dont have the eyes to see well its not a black mirror so i was wondering if i can use a sharpy to make it black

Although a sharpie marker wouldn’t be my first choice it should work, does it have a frame that you can easily remove then put the glass back in it?

I don’t think a sharpie would be adequate to blacken a mirror. They are not designed for drawing on that kind of surface and the result would not be anywhere near dark enough to create a scrying mirror. Also, most modern mirrors aren’t reversible, meaning they only have one reflective side, unlike a sheet of glass (when making a black mirror you do not blacken the front of the glass but the back, so you are essentially looking through the glass into the blackness).

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no it doesnt

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oh i see well that sucks

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There is plenty you can do with a regular mirror though.

You can use it in defensive magick to reflect negative or combative energies back at the sender. You can also use it to create as a decoy so if someone targets you with baneful magick, they hit the mirror instead of you.

You can use it to program your subconscious by looking into the eyes of your reflection and saying affirmations to it.

If you gaze into the mirror in a dark room, you will trance out and your reflection will change into various different faces and forms.

If you want to learn to scry, the easiest thing to use is a bowl of water.


so its not a wast to have it ok i am learning scrying its a huge part of locator magick

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Nope. Mirror magick is quite versatile :slight_smile:

The three great gateways to the spiritual realms are Fire, Water, and Blood, according to EA in his divination course. A black, or “magic” mirror is designed to replicate the properties of Water (mirrors were originally backed in silver, the metal of the Moon, but modern mirrors are not).

A dark bowl filled with clear water is probably the easiest tool to obtain for scrying and is available to almost everyone. It is what I use.


Speaking from experience a sharpie can indeed be used to create a black mirror IF you can take it out and place it back in.


the back of it is either gray or sillver its not a typical mirror

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Then in that case, give me a minute to reflect on that.

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If you cant take it out, then here’s what I suggest for now.

Get an expo marker and a dry erase spray, and use it for sigil magick. Regardless of it not being black it can

  1. be used as a portal
  2. be used to cast “return to sender” spells.
  3. be used to evoke.
  4. to amplify energy

See, the neat thing about glass is it is a very spiritual material. Hence why the mirror is an important occult invention. Generally, mirrors are often seen as portals. They can also amplify the manifestation of a spell or shoot it back to its source.

Since mirrors and water are similar it also retains watery traits.


it can not be taken out it is a solid glass mirror i think 3/1/2 in thick or less i dropped it once n it didnt breat kinda thick ness its a circle mirror

ok so its not that thick

You can still use it for the other purposes I listed above.

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so it can be used as a way to well like a portal in a ritual with my patron?

Yes. Draw Furfurs sigil on the mirror after consecrating it. Proceed to evoke Furfur. Gaze upon the drawn sigil and place your attention solely on furfur coming through the mirror. Visualize the sigil twisting clock wise into the mirror as you do this. Simple yet effective if done properly. I suggest having safety measures in place.


That is if I’m correct about it being Furfur.

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how’d you know?

Because you’ve referred to him as master before if I remember correctly.

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