Importance of the Azazel Mythos


To what degree is immersion in the mythos of Azazel important to success in working with The BOA?




I do try to experience the book itself as an immersion and through the book try and understand the underlying Mythos. But my question is, should this immersion include a synthesis of other sources on Azazel?
For example, if Azazel has other identities in ancient literature.


personally, I haven’t found that, by not having a background of knowing the myths behind Azazel, to have any profound influence on my dealings with him.




I think it’s more important to immerse yourself in the paradigmn that Azazel reveals today. He is the formed abyss and reality is yours to command. No other mythos is necessary. Nothing else is real until you make it so.


It’s less to deal with immersion, more to deal with a very specific pathworking that can be used successfully. You might not think that’s important, but one of the more powerful and important workings that the book makes a point of is making a demonic pact with Azazel.

Now, you may not find that important until you scrounge through books on demonic pacts to find various information that will lead you to think this can only be accomplished by selling your soul, or doing something questionable in hopes of receiving intended results, written by someone of stature who has most probably never done it, has probably read a lot of accounts of other people who didn’t do it, and they generally will push the opinion that you’re selling your soul. Oh, and they probably died somewhere between 50-500 years ago, so they won’t be able to answer any fan mail you may send them, (and they might be too busy working for whatever lord of darkness they pledged their soul to, to write you back anyway).

E.A. Has done a pact with Azazel, it was more than successful, and others who try his operations (NOT JUST PACT WORKING) report they are incredibly powerful if done correctly, are not overly complicated, and have nothing to do with selling your fucking soul.

And, if you buy his book and have any questions, you can save up for a personal consultation and he’ll explain to you in detail how to set up any of these operations. He’s not dead, he’s alive and well, and teaching this magick to people who want to learn it.

How important is that pact stuff? It’s probably one of the biggest growth opportunities you have as a magician to grow exponentially and get whatever you ask for. It’s also something fairly few occultists have done, and something I’ve seen many people flounder around with in their inexperience.

Less about immersion, more about learning new paradigms/path working/rituals, that were actually tried and used successfully by the author. But the book also gives you the benefit of a lot of immersion and understanding of what the hell you’re evoking. Without that, you may have other problems.

That’s just my two cents,
-Frater Apotheosis