Implications of Ahriman's goal

I have the book now but have yet to read it at all. I’ll get around to it eventually. Suhn’Tal’Ock gave me a few pages to read from it but I think it would be interesting to see what else the book has to provide. The two pages he gave were very significant to me and had a very personal message/mission within them for me.


Definitely interesting and seems that knowledge of there being 11 of them is not too well known unless you really dig into it. Certainly dig deeper than I have into that mythology. Though what Eva provided is more in line with my train of thought of being representative of so many opposing forces though clearly there is a lot of division and organizations there.

I guess it does largely stand to vary based on which angle you are looking at it and which particular sect of the mythology you view it from. Some simpler than others still the embodiment of so many forces is quite representative of the end goal. I do like the cosmic dance as well even though I can’t actually dance very good lol.

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I’m so white… I can groove the bass well enough to make up for that though. Why dance when you can make the medium that people dance to?

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