Implanting images during sleep?

Does anyone know of a method of implanting images and or thoughts during sleep? Not only for working a curse or baneful magic but let’s say somebody wants a ritual performing for them to acquire more wealth. Would it help the ritual along if a core image could be implanted and therefore alter the thoughts at the forefront of the persons mind to generate circumstances in their life that would bring them more wealth?

Your input would be greatly appreciated, I will share my results once a method is attained.

Many thanks


It sounds like the process could be done in a way that is similar to when you invade someone’s dreams, although easier. I don’t have any exact methods for this but I have used daydreaming and intent focus to place thoughts in someone elses mind. Without using an actual spell though, and just throwing thoughts someone elses way, it could end up taking much longer than expected because that method is sort of half assed but works great if you don’t need results right away.

If results are needed faster, I suggest doing a candle lit meditation while focusing on the person whose thoughts you wish to add to. Visualize the person and the thoughts you wish to place, and then see them receiving the thoughts and acting upon them or being inspired by them. Play it out in your mind like a meditative movie and pour all of your focus into it. It works the same as a spell but requires no ingredients other than your mind and imagination, and a candle to help send the intended images by way of air (if desired).

It can be extremely effective if you devote the right amount of focus to the target individual.

Thanks ravens ascent, I’ll have a go at that, I also do healing and am helping a friend of mine who has some pretty fucked up images in her mind (gang rape being one of them) I’ve got rid of physical pain she had that’s pretty easy and I have started removing trapped images as the mind/memory isn’t in the brain, it surrounds the body as a thin layer of energy like the aura. I’ll use your technique to implant more positive images to replace the old ones.

Thanks for that


If you didn’t already you can read some material from Charles Cosimano. One of his tecnique :
You need a torch and a picture of the target. You stick the picture on a wall in front of you. Then you enter in a meditative state with the torch in your hand. When the thoughtform you want to send is ready you light the torch and you point it to the picture.
The idea behind that is to use the light as a medium to send.
I’m trying something similiar using a black mirror with some results.
Anyway if you want more details I strongly suggest you to read some Cosimano books. They are free too.

I read about a method that’s like this.
Take a picture of the person you want to implant and focus on it for a bit. Then imagine an image of that person floating just in front of the original picture, but with their eyes closed as if they’re sleeping. Imagine a beam of light coming from your forehead and connecting to theirs. Focus on the image or intension you want to implant, raise some energy in your self and then push the intension into the beam and into their forehead.