Hello, my name is Adrian and I always had an interest in magic and the supernatural world. Since I was a child I was only afraid of one thing and that thing is mortality nowadays I’m searching for spells to turn me into an night creature more exactly a vampire. For now I discovered just two “spells” if I could call them so, one if the ode for Selene the vampire godess, this poem was used by Ambrozio her lover in order to convince her to turn him into a vampire, you can search it on Google with the title “selene vampire poem” I heard a lot of theories about it and the only downside that I myself could find is the fact that it could attract an hungry or evil vampire(the spell will attract a vampire towards you) I heard multiple people saying that after they had done the spell they heard knocking on their doors and windows. The second spell its a Romanian vampire spell(BTW I’m from Romania) and you must say it on a full moon night and it is said that it will make you black out.
I have a few question for you guys if you could answer them:
Have you ever encounterd a vampire?
Have you ever tried one of these spells?
Have you ever tried a vampire spell that worked?
Do you think the first spell it’s risky?
It would be good if I leave a bowl with blood outside for the first spell?
It would be good if I would say out loud for a few moons poems for Selene before attempting the first spell?
What would you do to make sure the spells work?

Please avail yourself of the forum’s search function. It is the magnifying glass in the upper right of your screen. There is plenty of threads about vampirism, including one on the Selene poem.

I will tell you right now, though, that if you think you are going to be turned into a Hollywood type vampire and physically live forever, then you will be sorely disappointed.

While I believe physical immortality is possible, it takes years of dedicated spiritual work to accomplish, something few people have the drive to accomplish. You don’t simply get bitten by some goth chick in leather who calls herself by some name derived from a work of fiction and poof! you’re immortal. It doesn’t work like that.


What kind of meditation or magic should someone do to attain immortality. How would you do it?

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Start at the beginning. Learn the basic meditation of following your breath, and working with your energy.

You can try all the supposed transformation spells you can find as much as you want, but if you haven’t learned the very basics, you will waste your time and accomplish nothing.

You need to learn to crawl before you can walk. From there, you can eventually learn to run.


I understand so I need to first learn to meditate and things like opening my third eye and after I become more experienced to try actual spells.

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I found it and I was just wondering if you could tell me how to pronounce correctly the Romanian spell.
I’m really tempted to perform it one of these days, so I would like to know how it sounds from a native. Thank you in advance! :sparkles:

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I know this was posted years ago, but immortality (not invincibility) is biologically possible. Getting rid of cynessant cells, repairing DNA damage, adding NAD+, re-extending telomeres, can “re-youth” you.

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Just like a jellyfish, right? Aren’t they essentially immortal?

Your main issues would then be predation and accidents.

I’ve used theoflavin, quercetin, fisestin for senolysis. Centrophenoxine to remove lipofuscin. I don’t know much they extend life, aside from what studies say, but they sure feel good. (Wanted to try stem cell treatments in Kyiv, but now there’s the war)

You can also ask genius Zeffak for immortality.

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There are much more “immortal” species far closer to us than jellyfish: Is Aging Inevitable? |
If it works for them it works for us.

predation and accidents

I don’t think it’s disputed that “immortality” is a different thing from invincibility, which is cartoonishly impossible in this world. Getting into an accident, catching a highly deadly disease, etc., are obviously ways to die.

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Wow, I didn’t know about some of those animals. Thanks for sharing that.

I see all these papers on activating telomerase production in the genes, but do you know if you can just inject telomerase? There’s gotta be biohackers doing this already, right?

So then non-physical soul immortality is simply from mastering your own mind and energy manipulation?

I want to completely guarantee that my mind, memories, spirit, and consciousness are immortal and indestructible.

Your spirit is already immortal. However, your human personality and consciousness are not. What those on the LHP seek to do is to maintain their individual self after death instead of returning to Source and the wheel of reincarnation like those on the RHP. This process has a variety of names, the most common being Ascension and self-deification.

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Thanks @DarkestKnight
I used the search bar here for “how to ascend” for a few minutes now but haven’t yet found an actual tutorial for that.

Next I will probably search for the self-deification.

So how can I make my consciousness and personality immortal?

Maybe work with other beings who achieved the same thing?