how can i do it? my physical health is bad. i expect to fall over any day now. (although i have been for years, so there’s that.) the point being i need to be able too keep up my work when i’m gone. i don’t really care what happens to my body but i need to know how to keep going. reincarnation? how can i do that and keep my memories and such? can i do all i need to in the afterlife? (not only practice magic and ascend but protect and help my loved ones, not leaving them, etc. which to me is just as if not even more important.) is there some way to just keep my body going forever? please help.

IMO when you die you get some free time to do whatever.

Also if your health is bad try calling on some spirits to help make it better so you can learn and get stronger.


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EA talked about if you don’t be proactive about it then you might not be able to get back to earth. just keep getting sucked into the source slowly as more parts of you die until you don’t even have any memories or personality.

so how much proactivity is required and where should i direct it? how will i know when i’m good enough to not have to worry about that? is he even right about that?

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You go where you think you are going to go. So if you believe with everything you have that you will stay and protect your family, you will stay and protect your family

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interesting advice. thank you.

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The seating of your consciousness into the vessel of your will, in order to continue on in the astral plane after death is built into EA’s pathworking text Ordo Ascension Aetyrnalis which is available on BALG.

It’s also built into many other pathworkings, such as the Path of Smoke/Black Magick of Ahriman.

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If you have unfinished business in this realm, then you will stay here. Perhaps as a ghost or you’ll be reborn…

Yeah but as long as there is something thAt you hAve to do, you are here.

That is exactly why it’s difficult for mortals to become anything else.

Well you can do that to a living person… It has to be someone dead

And it has to matter, the breaking the natural order, if there is nothing to gain from this… then we’ll no one would go through the trouble.
As long as we have desires, we are stuck here.

Sure. Go ahead

The astral realm?

No. Hell.

Isn’t hell in the astral realm?
Anyways, no…

if this is the case. how can i protect against that.

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i already have the soul travel coarse. is it in there somewhere? haven’t gotten as far as i like. my computer can’t seem to keep the vids running for more than 30 seconds.