Imitative, Sympathetic or Contagion Magic for job hunting

What would work for office work, besides dressing up in a suit every day? Getting a lock of a bankers hair?

Bankers usually have short hair. Or none! And probably not easy to acquire. I used Corwin Hargrove’s Universal Magick to find a sweet desk job for my husband - from home and $18K+ more per year. After the second interview, it took them a long time to contact him. He didn’t think he had the job. I decided to pull one Tarot card: Ace of Pentacles. I told him, “Babe, you got this” and he didn’t believe me! :joy: It’s been four months, and he still walks around saying, “I can’t believe I have this job.”


Haircut, quit smoking pot, suit up, learn and do office-ey things. All good ideas to imitate having the job. Hard to do in fast food work however except to be serious and professional and courteous.

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Jason Miller’s Conjuration of the Commander in the morning, and the Prayer of the Perfected Self at night.


Thank you :blush:

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