Working with one species of spirits makes you unbalanced? How accurate is this? For instance, do I need to work with angels when I’m working with demons? Does working with demons alone make me unbalanced?

Working with humans all the time sure as hell made me unbalanced… my responsibility though.

(no you wont)


In my experience, no


I agree with the others, in general. But there’s a catch of sorts, from my experience.

If you’re working really heavily with a specific current for a prolonged period of time, you need to make sure to take a break from it and work in another to rebalance. For example, I worked with the Shadow People daily for months on end, even had an open portal for them in my patch of backyard. I’d work with them once or more times a day, bathing in the current, as this was a specific work through of the book Shadownomicon. This lasted for like six straight months or something like that.

In the end, I needed to go work in other currents, since it was a prolonged, hard, heavily negative energy (and emotions) experience. I would (and did) do the same after a similar, but shorter foray into necromancy.

My personal opinion is that if you don’t swing back to center after doing heavy things like this, you run the risk of becoming unhinged over time. You used to see it with some people here (or on YouTube), where it’s obvious that they aren’t balance and grounded anymore. Even white lighters can get this way.

So, if you’re working with them every so often, you should be fine, provided you ground and all that, which all of us should be doing in some manner. But if you’re pushing the edge(s) of the envelope, be sure to take a break from working that hard with that energy periodically.


I just finished evoking all 72 of the Goetic spirits and I’ve needed a little time to readjust and recalibrate.

Some of those spirits can be really intense.

I think taking a break from a current is a normal and healthy thing.


Personally, I think working in a single current greatly limits your development, but many people, spend their entire magical lives in one, so I also think it can depend on one’s own personal spiritual destiny.


My last post didn’t come out right.
I mean it’s probably a good thing to diversify ones studies Abit or you risk one sided stunted development. I’m actually going to start studying the enochian seriously soon. This is to give me some footing in another aspect of magick besides Goetia.

Besides not all problems and tasks the Goetic spirits are suited for too.


I’ve literally been told by a spirit I work with that my destiny doesn’t lie with the demons or the angels so I go pretty much wherever I have to.

I generally have a sense that, whatever current I’m in, it has something I need right now, I’m working with angels because there is something that only they can provide for my personal development.


Blood oath!

It’s called F.I.T.H. Syndrome. Last three letters stand for ‘in the head’. Everyone suffers from it, the vast majority suffer badly.


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I think it should be noted that many classical occultists, such as Aleister Crowley, believed that a truly complete magician should work with both the upper and the lower planes.

To quote Crowley: “My adepts stand upright; their heads above the heavens, their feet below the hells. But since one is naturally attracted to the angel, and another to the demon, let the first strengthen the lower link, the last attach more firmly to the higher.”

It’s also worth mentioning that the co-founder of this forum, EA Koetting, was once guided to an esoteric Christian order to balance out a particularly intensive time with the demonic, as detailed in his book Questing After Visions. In that order, he learned to evoke angels through prayer and spoke with God.

Ultimately, though, the choice lies with you whether you believe balance is necessary or not.


I’m not signing any contracts.

I think the mornin’ kill is spider.

I would say balance is necessary, in the beginning of my journey it was sloppy and dirty, summonings and workings were thrown together and powerful demons or gods were summoned. After working for demons for awhile and getting initiated by Bael and Belial my life really flipped upside down. I’ve kept working with demons since then but chaos is a factor when dealing with LHP or demonic entities. I’m pretty new to angels only started working with them in the last year, I’m currently undergoing success magick, enochian magick where you work with certain angels for success, that will be my longest angelic working. I’ve worked with some angels of alchemy and have had rituals done on my behalf with angels.
I will continue to work with both angels and demons.

Outside of entities, it’s important you switch up your magick, I’m going to become certified in teaching yoga so I’ll be doing eastern practices with western magick, good mix.

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