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Hi, Previously I had posted a topic called "the face of lucifer?"
In that topic I had mentioned how I saw what appears to be Lucifer’s face on my first attempt to make contact with him.
Now I was using an angel reiki method that I had altered to focus on Lucifer instead of the angels to make this contact.
Subsequently, the next night when I did the same I saw his sigil which I mentioned in the topic which indicated to me that he was confirming his identity, but as suggested by others that I should use it in place of the angel reiki symbols… so I thought ok I’ll give this a go. So the next night I did exactly that and I saw the Tree of Kabala, followed by the reiki power symbol.

What’s the connection between Lucifer and the Tree of Kabala? (to be honest now that I’m typing it I’m already getting an idea, but all the same I’d like to see what else I can consider from everyone else’s experience too) . As for the power symbol maybe I should be using it like I did in the first place.


It’s not the Tree of Kabala, it’s the Tree of Life. The Qabbalists use it a lot and that’s where it’s got the most attention, but the concept is far older. The earliest version I could find of it was the Babili, the Babylonian “Ladder of Lights”.

I personally feel that the Tree of Life is present in every culture, whether it’s Yggrdrasil in the Norse culture, the World Tree in various shamanic cultures, or whatever that culture calls it.

My own UPG (Unverified Personal Gnosis) tells me it is a map to the levels of consciousness that makes up the Illusion that we would call Creation, the Universe, or Form.

You can Soul Travel through it and there a whole lot of correspondences for each “sphere”.

There’s also the Adverse Side of it called the Qliphoth. I don’t know much about the Qliphoth myself because I don’t care for the mono-theistic view of the Abrhamic religions that the Qabbalah is saturated with.

If you’re interested, check out Asenath Mason’s books. Here’s a link to the book she released through BALG, Qliphothic Meditations.

I’m sure someone with more first-hand experience with the Qabbalah will come along and fill you in on their perspective.

As a side note, my own UPG also showed me how a 2D necklace of the Tree of Life looked remarkably similar to a 2D necklace of a neuron within the brain. The message I took from that was simply that the way to Soul Travel through the Tree of Life is to go within yourself, rather than to look outward.


Awesome response @valkarath thanks!
I was actually just looking at buying Qliphotic meditations too!

Similarly, I’m not really a fan of the abrahamic religions, but that does clarify a few points there.
I’ll definitely be looking more into this though, I feel that Lucifer had a good reason to show me this image as brief as it was.

Indeed more opinions and tales of experiences are welcome either side of the paths.

Hi Valkarath

I’d like your advice and feedback currently working temple ascending flame project second nite working invocation of Ascending Flame.
I’ve noticed first nite draconian demon Is with me saw reflection now second nite reflection with two demons feels like they are just watching me what’s there intentions I feel no threat they seem friends
they are here now during day time sense presences saw both in reflection glass etc

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I hear ya, brother. I really do. But I’ve let my own judgmental attitude get in my way a couple of times. There is some valid information hidden in the Qabbalah and the other religions, but you’ve got to go through their material with your own spiritual connection wide open to find it.

I’ll get guided to a book from a traditional ceremonial magickian with a strong Christian vibe to it … and one of my spiritual companions would say “There. That’s the truth.” and we would have a conversation about it.

Again, it’s at the heart of so many culture that it can’t belong to any one religion. They’ve just done a damn good job controlling that knowledge and obfuscating it until now. Things are changing so quickly and there so much valuable info surfacing through different people’s personal gnosis.

Hey, @Asmogus

I don’t have any personal experience with that path. I know it’s the real deal and I’ve considered working through it myself, but it’s just not the right time for me, if it ever will be.

I do respect Asenath Mason’s work and I can feel the power of that current when I’ve contemplated working through it.

I don’t feel threatened by any of the forces I’ve worked with and I’ve worked with some of the darkest and most infernal forces there are. It was a huge part of me working through my own fear from years of old religious programming and releasing those energy blockages.

I’m not actually connecting with them or anything, but I’d say they felt your working and are coming around to check you out. They might be trying to communicate with you and can’t, depending on the state of your own intuitive capabilities.

I think that’s a pretty good indication your working is … well, working. Pretty direct cause and effect to me.

Whatever they are, they are a form of Conscious Power. Treat them respect and you’ll develop a great relationship with them.

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Cool that’s encouraging I can feel their power if I have a third demon tomorrow morning it’s working freaked me out a little what I saw then after was directed to art on temple of ascending flames website they are same shape as Lucifer I was more at ease in knowing perhaps their direction is showing me who they are with who plus my initial first experience my eternal vibrating being pulled into Lucifer blue flame as you said respect is key!

That’s my strength, too. I feel energy much easier than I see it. For a long time, that’s the only sense I could rely on. Now, I’ve managed to establish a strong telepathic link where I can “pull” the spirit down around me and have a clear conversation with it.

I just got a flash of a feeling that you’re freaked out. I don’t think you were really “freaked out” as much as “this is intense energy”. Does that feel right to you?

I used to equate that feeling with “negative energy” and it would scare the shit out of me. But you know what? A spirit never once hurt me. Only people.

Now, I realize that feeling means a powerful spirit is near me. And when I want to have a conversation with it, I reach out with my mind and “pull” it down around me, like I"m wearing a cloak. It sits right in my aura, right up against the back of my head and neck.

That’s a big change. And it all came from re-defining what that feeling meant to me.

They’re just communicating with you in the way you can receive it right. When you feel them near, talk to them just like you would a person. Tell them that you can’t hear them yet or communicate with them, but you want to. Invite them to help you learn how to do that. And thank them for coming at your call and helping you.

That’s great advice will give it a try! Cheers

I sense they are watching me like students see my intentions? or they are being sutle so I’m used to entities they are! feel it’s harsh vibration they are bald with pointed ears have a presence thats hard to explain I’m sensing they have been sent to me by Lucifer?
I’m going to ask for winning lotto numbers and give them big thank you for helping me to when I called

Yeah, I’d say that’s a fair description of what I feel when a powerful new spirit comes around. But the harshness goes away the more I get used to it. The model they’ve used to help me understand it is that my aura is “syncing up” with their aura … kind of like a phone needing to sync up with another device before they get a connection.

I don’t care how they appear to me. They’re not that appearance. That’s just something they use to communicate with us.

In my experience, a spirit is Living Power assuming a form it’s easier for us to communicate with.

Good luck. I think we’ve all tried at some point. I’m sure you’ll learn something from the experience. :slight_smile:


Again, that’s a fair point you made there! I guess like most things its a case of sifting through all the dirt to find the gold.

Dammit didn’t nail the lotto last nite but getting visions blue flame like winning lotto lol the demons seem to be communicating now to me with telepathy

I think that statement pretty much sums up the Mysteries to me. lol

For me, the personal experiences are how I learn the best. It’s amazing how much information can get downloaded directly into your mind.

I thought Lucifer was red all coming thru for me is winged white outline but seeing blue flames similar color to my profile pic but his more intense